Siralim Ultimate – Dev Blog: Projects

Thanks for the regular updates. I am super-excited to open my wallet for the Kickstarter later this year!!! (It always feels good to story Indie Developers that so sick good work!)

One question on this Blog: Construction Rituals were a thing on Siralim 1 and 2, but you got rid of them in Siralim 3. In Siralim 3, you had lots of the Castle expansion features moved into rewards for reputation with particular gods.

What made you decide to bring back Construction as a separate mechanic and move these castle improvements away from God rewards?

P.S. It would be great if you did a blog soon showing off one of the Chaos mage specializations!

The problem with having game features unlocked as rewards from the gods was that it all felt a little too overwhelming. One god unlocked the arena, while another unlocked the Arcane Vault for example - and both of those gods unlocked their respective features at different favor ranks. It was just a bit too “all over the place”. I also really like the idea of giving players their choice of what they want to unlock rather than making it a totally linear process. Lastly, since you can decorate your castle in this game, I figured construction projects would tie into that concept since you’re literally building all the different “stations” in the game, such as the blacksmith station and the arcane refinery. Those stations are treated as decorations as well, so you can pick them up and place them wherever you want in your castle.