Siralim Ultimate Expansion Wishlist

SIRALIM ULTIMATE EXPANSION WISHLIST: With the amount of new folks on discord growing by the day, I thought it would be ok to talk about some stuff I’d wanna see in the future! I’d like to preface this post with most of these ideas are of my own personal preference/wants and some of them are suggestions that got pushed far back in the suggestions section on discord from other folks.

The Multiplayer Expansion (Hopeful, but not expected)
-Co-op realm clearing with a friend, loot is shared with rarer things dropping more often. Netherstones are NOT shared. Cards, decor, etc are individually dropped.
-Co-op realm clearing with a friend V2, 3 creatures per player to make the 6 creature team, 1 person controls the character? (also just a concept, likely wouldnt make sense or be that fun)
-Visiting other players castles (potentially new minigames to account for 2 players?)
-Netherstone trading? (duplication would be super easy so this one is doubtful)
-Tavern Brawl returns (Loot obtained would be shared from arena or gambling dwarves)
-Upload yourself/team as an NPC other players can battle anytime.
-2 player arena mode, drafting 2 teams and fighting instead of your own teams.
-Monthly creature themes, fuse and decorate your creatures to match the theme of the month and have it be voted at the end of every month for some in game loot.

The Customization Expansion (Some cool optional stuff, not necessary to the game but still cool!)
-Creatures can individually obtain ribbons for comepleting certain feats, equip a ribbon to have it on their HUD. Feats would likely include beating False Gods, beating all the gods in Gate of the Gods, clearing the max realm depth solo, clearing the max realm depth on insta 5 solo, etc etc.
-More accessories, they are fucking awesome. More skins, also very awesome.
-Customizable text windows, similar to Pokemon games that have various windows to choose from.
-Multiple in game text fonts
-Multiple new artifact icons for variety(definitely no priority here but certainly would be neat!)
-Skins for functional things, such as skins for the teleportation shrine, obtainable via some new method.
-More castle teleporters please! The objects that take you to boss rooms would be perfect teleporters such as the zantai gate, the nether boss gate, exotics gate, and the various in realm decorations that take you to the fights with 2 chests.
-Siralim 1-3 skins?
-Extend the limit of NPC text limit.
-A 1.5X zoom option or some middleground between 1x and 2x.
-A run/walk toggle hotkey?

The Gameplay Expansion (Meat for the game, QOL stuff, some old stuff returning)
-Realms with random events that cause buffs in various ways, such as chests being openable twice, enemies only move every 3rd step you take, triple resources on breakables, the entire floor is just one open rectangle with no corridors.
-Some new minigames or returning ones from Siralim 3! Mild buff to the dwarf loot scaling with achievement points would be very welcome as well!
-Talismans return? A talisman to buff turn limits would be absolutely game changing.
-Send some creatures off for a few realms to collect loot, pick from all the realms to choose what loot they may find. Each realm gives generic loot like resources but they specialize in particular things as well. EX: Gamblers hive for higher chance for minigame tickets, kingdom of heretics for artifact materials, etc etc.
-Netherstone Creation/rerolling - Crushing netherstones allows you to get a resource that may be used in rerolling other ones. Rerolling a netherstone will reroll the things in the netherstone but the stone remains the same tier and has the same amount of stuff. EX: rerolling a 27% attack stone with 3 traits rerolls the attack into speed, and all 3 traits are swapped with another trait. Alternatively creating a brand new netherstone with strength based on how much of the new currency you spend.
-Corrupted Realms, realms that become corrupted and are merging with another realm to create some cool 2 in one realms with 2 different themes.
-Calibans Realm? OWO
-Training Dummy/Customizable Team to fight in castle. Customizable stats, traits, maybe artifacts held, would be a fantastic spot to test your team synergy against specific scenarios.
-Flesh out other statuses or allow them to scale off of other stats, burning is the best damaging debuff by far (naturally, it does have a spec after all) which leaves poison, bleeding and cursed somewhat in the dust. Either new traits to help remedy them or more extremely, new specs?
-Some new traits to help out attack scaling, not many traits boost it so its generally the worst stat.
-Potentially a 2nd round of trait balances, some creatures weren’t affected by the first round and are still sitting at around somewhat useless status, feedback on the specific creatures that need to be changed could certainly be discussed within the discord and forums. Some traits are likely also directly inferior to newer traits. (Most mites)
-Buffs to the old nether rooms, the pick a chest room with 3 chests is worse than just finding a random chest in a realm.
-Shady Dealer, with a small chance to get random cards, absolutely loved shady dealer! Exclusive content such as new decor or skins would be a big plus too.
-A current realm loot log, with all collected loot would be very handy for those that click throught loot too fast.
-Renaming + locking netherstones, locking creatures would also be VERY nice!
-An anointments-liek system that lets you equip 2 modifiers you DON’T want to see when running instability realms. EX: Equipping enemies take X% less damage will prevent if from EVER showing up, these could be unlocked through some means for a new grind.
-A Dwarf that tests you on in game knowledge, referencing creature lore pages and overall siralim lore. Could make it a gameshow with multiple categories and would be a fun little thing to do with friends!
-Setting a creatures default item set so it auto equips it when in party.
-Able to stack a 2nd or 3rd summon at the candle for 1 creature instead of needing to leave castle to go get another summon.
-Option to stay at the current realm depth instead of jumping to the highest realm everytime.
-Some new macros, many good recommendations in suggestions.
-Slots may need another win buff, still a very hard minigame to win.
-Wager MULTIPLE dwarf tickets to increase winnings.
-A buff to hunt missions, more knowledge or make it faster to complete.
-A way to get a new Animatus/Herbling.
-A way to remove a scroll from creatures.
-Display current god favor rank near the hud progress bar in realms.
-Increase the minimum level of netherstones for every 100 RD or so traveled.
-Display rodian master level above the NPC so i can immediately tell how powerful/what tier it is.
-Backer book displays what each backer contributed.
-A way to make the game full screen by default.
-A way to see the amount of decorations we have vs the amount possible to see how many we are missing.
-Anointment sets, similar to item sets.
-And of course, new creatures/spells!
-Personally would love a spell that just makes the target attack

-For those that missed the first opening for adding skins and accessories, would be a fun way to get more content in from the fans!

Thanks for the great game Zack, even if we got NONE of this stuff it’s still the most content filled game I’ve ever played!

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