Siralim Ultimate not listed in Playstore for me

I wanted to buy the android version of SU after reading the post on Steam. Unfortunately I’m unable to find it on Google Playstore.

I searched for ‘Siralim Ultimate’, ‘Siralim’ and ‘Thylacine Studios’ and the only search results are Siralim 2 and 3 (even when I select Thylacine Studios).

Google Playstore auto-hides games that are too demanding for the device that is used to browse on playstore, but my phone is from 2020, I assume it’s not too old?

I live in EU region (Netherlands) and have a Samsung Galaxy M21.

Samsung Galaxy M21 specification:

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There seem to be a few countries that are unable to see it for some reason. I’ve contacted Google and am waiting for a response now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Their response was extremely unhelpful. They said that the game violates “certain policies” in certain countries but couldn’t tell me what those policies are. I’m going to submit an appeal and see what happens, but there’s not much information to work with so I have a feeling that this won’t get resolved, unfortunately.

Thank you for the reply!

I wonder what they mean with certain policies as well. afaik netherlands is not a very strict country. Oh well I have Steam version of Siralim Ultimate so I can at least enjoy the game. I hope to be able to purchase it on Google somewhere in the future!

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