Siralim ultimate season 2 update?

I’ve beaten the game. Maybe Add a season 2 update? If you guys can’t because of budget. Can I donate money, maybe through patreon?

What floor did you make it to?

Right now at 88.

So that is where the tutorial ends and the real game starts. I’m at 375, I’ve got like 40 more floors to open guilds and false gods. 240 is when you open gate of the gods. There is still so much to do. You can play this game as is thousands of hours.

I had a similar issue to Brainzshake. Granted I beat the game before Nether Bosses, so at the time it really WAS the end of the game besides unlocking the Reliquary, but it would be nice to have some ‘story’ pieces that guide the player as to what comes next. As the game stands you have to look at your codex to even know that the Gate of the Gods unlocks after you beat ALL nether bosses, and then that the Guilds unlock after you beat all nether bosses TWICE.

I just think it would be nice if there was some kind of gathering of kingdoms or something that talks about these things as things that need doing, or even just an afterthought from Hebron that gives the player a goal to do end game content. Just throw up a quest that says ‘Beat ALL 35 nether bosses!’ and let that sit there for the next 175 floors. Then throw up another one that says ‘Beat them ALL AGAIN!’. Not asking for much, just a few more story pieces to introduce that sweet end game content instead of it being like ‘You beat the tutorial!’ Enter sandbox mode.

I suppose Siralim is meant to be a ‘sandbox’ creature collector as its final product. My main complaint is that I’d like the world to feel more alive, and I have never felt that way about any Sandbox game ever. Couldn’t even get into Minecraft because of this problem the one time I tried it.

I agree with both you. shouldn’t be asking for more since I haven’t finnish my plate which is probably be a buffet plate or a bottomless plate. But would like donate some money to help the creator out. Since I enjoyed this game alot.
Edit; forgot to apologize. Forgive me for asking for more.

It’s always ok to make suggestions. :slight_smile:

I stumbled from one step to another, plus I read the steam message board too for ideas. I found a really nice debuff build which I modified to work with Defiler which has been awesome.

When I saw Fanatic and Royal, I wanted to unlock them, so had to look up Avatars.

It’s only because people post and make suggestions, I found my way. I also like reading what people are doing.

To kill time going to deeper floor levels I’ve been unlocking Godspawn and decorations. I have 9 left.

On a side note, does anyone know if the realm alter is the last decoration?