Siralim Ultimate will exit Steam Early Access on December 3!

Siralim Ultimate will exit Steam Early Access on Friday, December 3 for its full release! Huge thanks to everyone who contributed feedback and submitted bug reports during Early Access.

As always, I will continue to monitor our forums for any issues. Later today, I will release a small patch that fixes some minor bugs that were reported since the last update, and this patch will also change the version number to 1.0.0.

Q. Will my save files carry over to the full release?
A. Yes. You won’t lose any progress.

Q. Do I need to do anything on my end to prepare for the end of Early Access?
A. Nope! This release won’t affect you at all outside of causing uncontrollable excitement.

Q. Is the Mac port still coming?
A. Yes, I’m working on that right now and fully expect to have it ready before December 3.

Q. When will Siralim Ultimate be released on other platforms?
A. I’ll start working on console and mobile ports very soon, but there’s no way I can provide an accurate estimate this early on. While console development is my top priority, the certification process involves a lot of downtime while I wait for Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft to do their part. For that reason, the mobile ports will likely come out before the console ports since I’ll be able to work on mobile development during console certification. I will provide you with regular updates about my progress on all platforms.

Q. Will I be able to transfer my save files to the mobile/console versions when they’re released?
A. You’ll definitely be able to do this on Android, iOS, and Switch. I’m not sure about Playstation and Xbox simply because I haven’t had a chance to dive into those platforms yet.


Genuinely best news I’ve gotten all month!

And that’s absolutely more than fair about not being able to give a date estimate for console, especially with the fact Nintendo gonna Nintendo when it comes to this stuff.

Still super pumped! Been excited for a while now and managed to keep up the excitement, which is honestly a feat for anything to cause let alone keep.

I love Siralim 2 and 3, and Ultimate looks to be everything I love in this style of game.

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