Siralim v1.0.10 has been released.

The update will show up for Groupees/Humble customers, Android users, and iOS users whenever it’s approved by the respective companies.


  • Added an option to zoom in/out. There are three different zoom levels to choose from.
  • The camera will now always be centered on your character, even if you are near the edge of a map. This prevents your character from getting hidden behind the touch controls.
  • Removed the option to select a resolution. You can now resize the game window to any size you want. This also means that the game will look good on absolutely any resolution or aspect ratio.
  • Removed the option to enable/disable surface drawing. This is now always disabled, which is the higher-performance option anyway.
  • The game now remembers its window size and will resize each time the game is started.
  • Added several checks to ensure that save files will not be lost in the event of a game crash.
  • Doubled the amount of resources gained from Satchel items.
  • Increased the drop rate of Nether Orbs and Arena Invitations.
  • More optimizations to improve performance in dungeons.


  • All of your creatures that are a lower level than the highest-leveled creature in your party now gain bonus experience points from battle. The maximum bonus gain is 500%.
  • Tweaked the damage formula. Damage should now be less spikey and should lend itself to better strategy.
  • Reduced the amount of damage inflicted by the Bleed condition from 35% of the creature’s Speed to 25% of the creature’s Speed.
  • You will no longer loses resources when your party is wiped out. You will still lose 30% Power Balance, though.
  • Increased the chance that a provoking creature is attacked.


  • Reduced the health of all Ghoul creatures.
  • Spider Sorceresses, Viper Sorceresses, and Raptor Sorceresses now have approximately 20% less base attack.
  • The Enchantment, Incantation, and Thaumaturgy abilities (belonging to the respective creatures listed above) now deal damage equal to 150% of the stat advantage, down from 200%.
  • The Intensify ability (Pit Worm Tunneler) now increases its maximum health by 15% each time it is attacked, up from 10%.
  • Nether Demons can no longer sometimes be colored completely black. This change is retroactive.
  • Doubled the experience point bonus provided to Nether Creatures by the Diamond enchantment.


  • You will no longer be sent to the same realm type twice in a row (as long as you have already unlocked more than one realm type).


  • “Charm of Life” is now called “Blessing”.
  • “Star Fires” is now called “Starfall”.
  • “Spell Blast” is now called “Mana Blast”.
  • “Mind Blast” is now called “Mind Wrack”.
  • "Gaia’s Blessing is now called “Clarity”.
  • “Herb Mastery” is now called “Nourish”.
  • “Chaos Channeling” is now called “Bloodlust”.
  • “Chaos Mastery” is now called “Mass Bloodlust”.
  • Alteration spells now have more direct names, such as Alteration: Death.
  • “Night Sword” no longer costs Power Balance.


  • The user interface will now always maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio, which is its natural ratio.
    • This ensures that the UI no longer stretches and looks ugly if your display aspect ratio is different from 16:9.
    • This also fixes an issue with the touchscreen controls that made them seem unresponsive on some devices.
    • The UI now centers itself within the game window, so you might notice some extra space on the sides of the window. This is intentional.
  • All text is now displayed with a new font. It should be much easier to read, even on devices with a small screen.
  • Bynine’s shop now shows a description of the creature’s ability when you select a particle.
  • Items that you have not already viewed in your inventory are denoted by a “!” in front of their name to show that they are new.
  • The increase and decrease of enchantment potencies for Nether Orbs is now displayed in their item descriptions.
  • In battle, the target enemy creature’s class is now displayed in the information panel.
  • The stable functions now display your creatures’ levels in the information panel.
  • The item menu will now close if you start a battle with an item, such as a sigil.
  • Fixed some ugly spacing issues in several menus.


  • Alteration spells now work properly.
  • Fixed a crash that occured when you tried to destroy a material.
  • Fixed a bug that caused spells to cost their full mana cost even if the player’s class matched that of the spell.
  • Fixed a variety of player name-related display issues that were particularly common on mobile devices.
  • Your creatures’ class is now displayed in the battle menu as originally intended.
  • Damage dealt by creatures from confusion can no longer be a negative value.
  • Fixed a bug that caused save files to take exponentially longer to load each time you loaded a game while playing with Castle Quests disabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused abilities that allow a creature to hit multiple targets to not work properly.
  • Hopefully fixed crashing issues for devices with low RAM (512MB or less).

The patch is now live everywhere.