Siralim v1.0.13 has been released.

The update will show up for Groupees/Humble customers, Android users, and iOS users whenever it’s approved by the respective companies.


  • All consumable items now stack. As a positive side-effect of this change, it will take significantly less time to save/load the game.
  • All shards now have the same name, varied only by the amount of plasma they grant. This change was made to allow them to stack more easily due to the above change.
  • You can now select a new command called “Combine” from the gem inventory menu. This command allows you to combine two identical gems to gain a new gem with an additional level.
  • Clarified wording of several abilities, spells, and conditions: “adjacent” creatures are now referred to as “surrounding” creatures.
  • Resources can now drop as an extra reward from completing Duties.
  • Adjusted the drop rate of spell scrolls and crafting materials.


  • Certain legendary crafting materials now have a chance to be transmuted.


  • In battle, text now appears to tell you if the selected enemy is either defending or provoking.


  • Fixed a bug with a certain Pandemonium Token effect when interacting with your Nether Creatures.
  • Fixed a bug that caused creatures affected by the Link condition to continue taking damage after death.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Cradle to the Grave” ability where it would not bring the creature back to the top of the Action Queue upon death.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Sense of Purpose” ability that caused the creature to intercept an attack even if it was already dead.
  • Fixed several bugs that caused creatures to start a battle with damage taken if they were affected with Blight and had an ability that increased their maximum health.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally allowed enemies to spawn on top of walls.
  • Fixed a display issue with the “True Light” spell.