Siralim v1.0.5 has been released.

The demo link has already been updated for Windows/Mac, and Humble Bundle and Groupees customers will see the update on their downloads page soon. Android users should receive the update automatically within the next few hours.

Patch notes for v1.0.5:


  • Enemy creatures are no longer guaranteed to spawn with an artifact in lower realm levels. The chance of enemies spawning with an artifact increases with each realm level.
  • The in-game map is now always on, so you no longer need to cast Farsight to see it.
  • Farsight now reveals the full map, including areas you haven’t yet explored.
  • Removed “Greater Farsight” from the game. If you still have this scroll in your inventory or spellbook, it will have the same exact function as the new version of Farsight.
  • Major Sigil bosses now always drop their legendary crafting material.
  • Optimized the game, reducing the file size by nearly 50%.


  • You can now enchant, disenchant, and reforge artifacts that are equipped to your creatures. These artifacts are denoted by a * at the end of their name.


  • The creature menu and creature battle interface now include graphical health bars for your creatures.
  • Added a description window to Bynine’s shop.


  • Several bug/crash fixes, including a crash that would always occur when using a Golden Ticket or the Blink spell.