Siralim v1.0.8 has been released.

The demo link has already been updated for Windows/Mac, and Humble Bundle and Groupees customers will see the update on their downloads page soon. Android users should receive the update automatically within the next few hours.

Patch notes for v1.0.8:


  • Enemy creatures now have a much smaller chance to spawn with spells obtained from Power Spells in early realm levels.
  • Eased the requirements for the gem Castle Quest - you can now complete it with any gem enchantment, gem level, or gem creature mix.
  • Reduced the amount of plasma required to complete most construction rituals.
  • Shards are now found in the “Consumables” filter in the item menu (previously found in “Miscellaneous”).
  • The game should now be compatible with Windows XP.


  • Renamed “Creature Permadeath Mode” to “Reincarnation Mode”.
  • When your creatures die in this mode, they will reincarnate as a new random creature that you can already find in the wild with a fraction of their former experience points.
  • Renamed the artifact “Ankh of Reincarnation” to “Ankh of Revival” to prevent confusion.


  • Added a new shrine buff that increases the amount of loot gained from treasure chests.


  • You can now hold down the confirm button (default E on keyboards and A on touchscreens) to automatically scroll through messages in the overworld and in battle.


  • Fixed a display issue on some devices that report inverted width and height dimensions.
  • Fixed a small graphical issue with some Mac resolutions.