Siralim v1.0.9 has been released.

This update is already available on Groupees, and will show up for Humble customers, Android users, and iOS users whenever it’s approved by the respective companies.


  • Added a new option to the librarian that displays a list of all the battle conditions in the game and gives a description of each one.
  • The amount of resources gained and the cost of items/services that consume resources have been smoothed to reduce spikes between each level.
  • Added an option to toggle between instant/ticking message speed text.
  • Improved the dialogue content and grammar of most NPCs in the castle.
  • Your character will now automatically face treasure chests when they’re dropped by enemies at the end of battle.
  • You can now use the cancel button (default Q for keyboards and default B for touchscreens) to proceed through a message in the same way the confirm button works.
  • Drastically improved dungeon performance on all devices.


  • Changed the damage formula. Attack is now mitigated by defense more than before. In addition, a percentage of Speed now applies to the total damage dealt and is unmitigated by defense.
  • Enemies will now cast spells more consistently during battle, rather than casting them all at the beginning.


  • Changed ability Steadfast Resilience (Stronghold): While this creature is provoking, it has 30% additional defense instead of suffering a defense penalty.
  • Changed ability Pestilent Thorns (Necropolis): Now also works while the creature is provoking. Changed the name of the ability to Toxic Thorns to differentiate it from the similarly-named ability Pestilence Aura.
  • Changed ability Intensify (Pit Worm Tunneler): It now only increases maximum health, while it used to increase both maximum and current health.


  • The creature display interface (both in and out of combat) has been revamped.
  • Re-ordered the list of options in the creature information menu to prevent players from accidentally unequipping an artifact.


  • Spells no longer cost any Power Balance to cast. Some spells now cost slightly more mana than before to compensate for this change.
  • Balanced which scrolls can only be obtained from Power Spells.
  • On average, scrolls will now roll with more charges than before.


  • Android users can now press the back key on their devices and the game should save properly before exiting.
  • More display fixes for some devices (mostly phones and tablets), specifically dealing with zooming issues.
  • Improved auto-scrolling for message text on mobile devices.
  • The minimap should no longer be occasionally hidden in dungeons.
  • Enemies, treasure chests, and other objects can no longer occasionally spawn outside of a dungeon’s borders.
  • Fixed a display issue with ritual plasma bars and creature health bars where parts of the outline were not visible.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent player movement after battle until after opening/closing the menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused enemies to have a very high chance to spawn with powerful spells in early realm levels, and a very low chance to spawn with them in later realm levels.
  • Fixed a crash related to the ability Reactive Dragon Wings (Dragon Queen).
  • Fixed a duplication method that resulted from using legendary crafting materials on an artifact that is already equipped to one of your creatures.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the enchanter to refuse to apply a rare material to an artifact for no reason.
  • Creatures in the stable are no longer animated in sync with the player sprite.
  • Fixed a bug on Mac devices that caused key rebinding to not work properly.