Siralim v2.0.1 has been released!

The update will show up for Humble Bundle customers, Android users, and iOS users whenever it’s approved by the respective companies.

A huge thanks to our testers for helping to make this sequel-sized patch a successful one. This appears to be our most stable release to date, not to mention the most feature-rich. There’s more to come, but for now, enjoy!


  • Almost all of the game’s graphics have been redone. The remaining old graphics (some NPCs and some creatures) will be redone for the next patch.
  • Added over 100 new creatures to the game.
    • Several of these creatures are only obtainable by completing certain tasks around the castle.
    • Also added 10 new creature tier upgrades to the castle.
    • Reshuffled the creatures unlocked with each tier.
    • Changed the creatures obtained from Powerspells and Bynine’s shop.
  • New Feature: Royalty Points. Each time you gain a level or complete a Duty, you will receive a certain amount of Royalty Points.
    • These points can be spent in one of three categories of your choice: Character, Creature, or Perk.
    • The “Character” category allows you to increase your mana pool, increase your spell slots, manipulate your power balance minimum/maximum, unlock new features/bonuses, and much more.
    • The “Creature” category allows you to increase your creatures’ stats or grant them special bonuses in combat.
    • The “Perks” category is different depending on which of the 5 classes you chose at the start of the game. Each class has 5 unique perks that are intended to change your playstyle.
    • You cannot reset points invested in the Character or Creature categories. You can reset points invested in the Perk category by using a class-changing item from Bynine.
    • Royalty Points are rewarded retroactively, so if you already have a save file you will probably have a lot of points you can spend immediately.
    • To spend Royalty Points, go to your Character sheet and follow the instructions.
  • Maximum Spellbook Slots and Maximum Rituals no longer increase with your character’s level - instead, these values are increased by investing Royalty Points into certain bonuses.
    • When you load a legacy save file, the scrolls in your spellbook will be placed back into your inventory so you will need to re-equip them.
    • When you load a legacy save file, you will be given a temporary increase to your Maximum Rituals if you have too many rituals already in progress.
  • New Online Feature: Daily Power Spells. Each day you can now cast one free, instant Power Spell. The amount of power invested is random.
    • You must unlock this feature by completing a new upgrade in the War Room, available at level 26.
  • Added a “Save & Continue” option to the menu. This option is unavailable for Hardcore Mode players.
  • Added a new option (Options --> Gameplay) to change the font style to the one we were using prior to patch 1.3.0. It’s larger now so it still works with the new user interface.
  • Added experimental support for additional types of gamepads (many of the most popular ones were already supported).
  • You can no longer sacrifice cores or convert them into Minor Sigils if they are “special” cores (obtained through events, power spells, Bynine, etc).
  • The game engine has been updated and loading times should now be much faster.


  • Luck (stat) has been revamped.
    • Now when creatures attack, there is a chance the attack will be either a “mortal” or “glancing” blow.
    • Mortal blows cause an attack to deal extra damage, glancing blows cause an attack to deal less damage.
    • The chance for a mortal blow and the damage bonus associated with it increases based on the amount of Luck the attacker has greater than that of its target.
    • The chance for a glancing blow increases and the damage mitigation associated with it increases based on the amount of Luck the defender has greater than that of its attacker.
    • Several new abilities react with mortal and glancing blows.
  • Added 5 new buffs/debuffs.
  • Enemies now have far fewer spells.
  • Slightly reduced the defense penalty incurred from provoking.


  • You must now find Bynine in a Realm - he is no longer unlocked by default at the start of the game. After you find him, he’ll move in to the castle forever.
  • Added 15 new upgrades that allow you to improve various facilities in the castle, including the blacksmith, enchanter, gem temple, and power spells.
  • Rewrote all the dialogue for NPCs in the castle. They all provide useful game hints now.
  • Decreased the granite cost of all castle upgrades.


  • Rebalanced most abilities. Nothing was weakened or reworked, just some numerical increases.
  • Rebalanced several buffs and debuffs.
  • Hounds are now Death creatures (previously Nature).
  • Slimes are now Chaos creatures (previously Sorcery).
  • Smogs are now Chaos creatures (previously Sorcery).
  • Wyverns are now Sorcery creatures (previously Chaos).


  • Completing a Duty no longer rewards resources or energy, but still grants items and experience. To compensate, Duties now also reward 1 Royalty Point.


  • Added over 100 new crafting materials.
  • Added over 100 new Major Sigils.
  • Added 2 new artifact properties.
  • When you find an artifact, it now has a small chance to have a legendary property applied to it already.
  • Adjusted the drop rate of all items (too many Bronze Tickets were dropping, for example).


  • Traveling Merchants can now be found in Realms. They have the potential to sell almost any item in the game, but at a steep price.
    • These merchants are designed to give you better control over your luck when it comes to acquiring the items you want.
  • Added 8 new interactable objects to various Realms.
  • Added 5 new types of Duties.
  • Added 1 new shrine effect.
  • Enemies now have a 0% chance to spawn with artifacts at realm level 1.


  • Spell mechanics have been revamped.
    • Goal: make spells more useful against normal creatures and less overpowered when used against Nether Creatures.
    • The effectiveness of most damaging and healing spells now scales with a new character stat called Spell Power.
    • Spell Power can be increased by leveling up your character or by investing Royalty Points into relevant perks.
    • Nether Creatures no longer have an innate 50% resistance to spells. Their higher health is more than enough to mitigate damaging spells now.
    • Your character’s class no longer reduces the mana cost of spells in that class by 50%. Instead, spells that you cast from that class are now much more potent.


  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when loading a save file.
  • Fixed several silent crashes that occured when traveling to a new Realm level.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the final blacksmith forging upgrade from displaying in the upgrade menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Dye items were not saved properly.
  • Fixed a display issue when enchanting an artifact.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain realm events to reset upon turning in an overworld quest.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the resource bonus from certain shrine effects from working properly.
  • Fixed several bugs related to on-death abilities.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Grant Buff” artifact property that caused summoned minion-based buffs to not be applied properly.
  • Fixed a bug with the Confused debuff that caused certain abilities to activate at incorrect times.
  • Fixed a bug with the Burn debuff that prevented it from increasing in potency over time.
  • Fixed a bug with some spells that caused them to target the wrong creature.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to sometimes gain rewards from sigils even if they failed to beat the sigil encounter.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed dead enemies to attack.