Siralim v2.1.0 has been released.

We are pleased to announce the release of our first major patch for Siralim since it was released on Steam. In addition, 10 Steam Trading cards have been added and the game is now available on Linux and SteamOS. Enjoy!


[ul][] Steam Trading Cards have been added - there are 10 to collect in total!
] Siralim is now available on Linux and SteamOS.
[] Added 12 new Steam achievements.
] Added 1 new legendary crafting material.
[] Arena no longer awards treasure. You can now earn Arena Points for each match you beat.
] Arena Points can be spent at a new NPC in the Arena lobby. Prizes include random legendary materials, pills, nether orbs, arena tickets, and much more.
[] Arena matches now become much more difficult with each consecutive match you beat to prevent players from having to spend as much time in the arena.
] Arena balance is still a work in progress (in terms of rewards and difficulty) so please be sure to leave feedback after you get a chance to try out these changes!
[] Minor Sigils and Major Sigils now stack.
] Minor Sigils are now named after their leader’s race, for example: Minor Sigil of the Golem.
[] Minor Sigil fights are now led by a random Nether Creature from the sigil’s respective race.
] Upon defeating a Minor Sigil, you now have a chance to obtain the sigil’s leader’s respective Major Sigil.
[] The “Create Minor Sigil” option in the Cores menu now creates a Minor Sigil belonging to those cores’ respective race.
] Your legacy Minor Sigils will be converted to a random race when you load your save file for the first time.
[] Decreased the drop rate of Minor Sigils.
] Pocket Dumpling can now be activated or deactivated without discarding it.
[] Pocket Dumpling now tries to use the last consumable item that you used manually. You can set it back to random using a new menu option.
] Certain objects such as igloos, nomad tents, and scrolls now disappear entirely instead of just fading out after you interact with them.
[] The library now includes catalogs for all the abilities and spells you’ve discovered. Spells are added when a new scroll is added to your inventory. Abilities are added when a new core or legendary material are added to your inventory.
] The list of buffs/debuffs and the creature bestiary can now be found on book shelves in the library rather than by talking to the librarian herself.
[] The librarian can now change the name of your character, the names of your creatures, and your gender.
] Mimics are now a bit more powerful at higher Realm levels.
[] Mimics now have a chance to drop 1 of 5 exclusive legendary crafting materials when slain.
] Treasure Golem chest spawning is now much more reliable.
[*] Kemikal has been killed off since the librarian can now do everything he did before.[/ul]


[ul][] Cradle to the Grave: After dying, 100% chance to resurrect with 1 health and move to a random position on the Action Queue. Chance decreases by 20% each time this effect happens. Chance cannot fall below 20%.
] Cradle to the Grave previously always had a 100% chance to activate, only one creature could have this ability per team, and it would not activate if its owner was the last creature alive. I realize this is a massive change for a commonly-used creature, but the ability was obviously quite overpowered. With that said, I’m open to feedback on this change.
[] Intimidation: no longer works on non-normal battles such as Sigils.
] Penant Reprisal: After being attacked, deal damage to the attacker equal to 100% (up from 50%) of this creature’s Defense.
[] Pica: no longer works on non-normal battles such as Sigils.
] Ransack: If this creature is alive at the end of battle, you gain 25% (up from 15%) more resources for each of your living creatures. Ability does not stack (previously stacked).[/ul]


[ul][*] Rage: decreased chance to miss from 50% to 40%.[/ul]


[ul][*] Quills no longer allow a spell scroll to have more than 10 charges.[/ul]

Royalty Points

[ul][*] Raid (Nature): decreased chance to start at the top of the Action Queue per rank from 4% to 3%.[/ul]


[ul][] Greatly increased the damage and potency of most spells.
] Reworked several spells so that they are more useful.
[] Reduced the mana cost of most spells. Some spells no longer have a mana cost.
] Decreased enemy Spell Power.[/ul]

Bug/Crash Fixes

[ul][] Fixed a crash that could occur if the player pressed the confirm key repeatedly before or after engaging in certain Duty-related battles.
] Fixed a bug and subsequent crash that could occur after a battle where the player would float upward uncontrollably.
[] Fixed a bug with the Cataclysm ability that caused the Burn debuff it applied to deal much lower damage than expected.
] Fixed several crashes that could occur as a result of players pressing keys too quickly in certain menus.
[] Fixed a bug that caused post-turn abilities and effects to be ignored when a creature used the Extract command.
] Fixed a bug that caused the Attunement ability to always be activate even when the player didn’t use a shrine.
[] Fixed a bug that caused the Boulder Jewel and Sandstone Jewel materials to both grant the same ability.
] Really this time: fixed the bug that caused treasure chests from the Treasure Golem to spawn outside of the boundaries of the realm.[/ul]