Siralim - Version 1.0.0 has been released.

This is our first official release build, meaning Siralim is no longer in beta status!

The demo link has been updated, and players who have already purchased the game should see this new version on their Humble downloads page soon.

More information will follow tomorrow regarding the Mac, Android, and iOS versions of the game.


  • Enemy creatures will no longer spawn with equipped artifacts before the blacksmith moves in to Siralim.
  • You will now receive more resources toward the start of the game (Castle Quest mode only) so that you can summon creatures more easily.
  • Renamed all legendary materials for the sake of homogeneity. Most abilities belonging to the same creature race now have similar legendary material names. For example, Frozen Heart grants the Frozen Spirit’s ability, and Exalted Heart grants the Exalted Spirit’s ability.
  • Updated upgrade description text since a lot of it was outdated due to recent patches.
  • The demo version of Siralim has a “Purchase Siralim” option available at the top of the game menu. Selecting this option on the Windows version will launch the proper webpage to buy the game, or displays the app store for Mac/iOS/Android versions of the game.
  • After each battle past level 15 in the demo version of the game, an option message appears, prompting you to buy the game to continue leveling up.
  • Carnages have new overworld sprites.


  • Enemies that have the “Incandescence” ability will now always spawn with a shield artifact to complement the ability.


  • Added 18 new legendary crafting materials to the game, bringing the total number of differnet crafting materials to nearly 300.


  • The first several kingdom upgrades no longer cost any power - only granite.


  • Enemies that are within 3 tiles of your character will now chase you even if they can no longer see you.


  • The item filter menu will now return to your last selection when you exit the item menu.
  • When you salvage an artifact, the list of materials received now includes each material’s rarity. In addition, the list is now displayed more compact, similar to transmuting.
  • When you loot crafting materials, their rarity is now shown in the loot message.


  • Fixed several bugs related to object spawning that could cause certain objects to never spawn, such as treasure chests and shrines.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur under certain circumstances when attempting to diffuse a creature in battle.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if multiple pages of construction rituals were needed when interacting with the map in the War Room.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to move around while renaming a creature.
  • Fixed several display bugs in the library.
  • Creatures in the stable should no longer occasionally spawn on top of walls.

A quick bug fix patch has been deployed (version 1.0.1).