Siralim wiki?

Does Siralim have a wiki, or plans to make one? A quick google search turns up but it looks totally empty. I could help fill out a wiki if the skeleton exists but I’m not familiar enough with them to set one up from scratch.

I reserved, but I’m actually kicking around the idea of having a self-contained sort of wiki in the game itself. I hate spoilers and I feel like a wiki would kill the whole exploration/experimentation factor Siralim has to offer, so I was thinking about revamping the entire in-game library instead. When you find a spell, it permanently adds all the information you could ever ask about it to the library. Same goes for all items, creatures, etc. There are a few huge benefits for this:

  1. When I make drastic changes to the game (which is pretty much every patch), the library will be able to automatically update itself since all the information will be pulled from the game’s code anyway.

  2. It will eliminate the need for you to have to constantly alt + tab (or whatever it is you do on a phone) and scroll through page after page on some website.

  3. As I said above, it will eliminate the potential for spoilers.


I found the fact that information about Siralim is not easily available increased the fun I have with the game.

That said, I think with the pending Steam release it is just a matter of time before information becomes readily available. At the moment I have a personal spreadsheet with all creatures, sigils, (almost) all materials, creature class and type. I will leave it to Zack whether this information should be made public or not.

I absolutely support that idea, Zack! While I’ll probably never find most of the secret things, which definitely sucks, the not knowing of stuff you haven’t discovered yet brings a lot more immersion and excitement when you do find cool new creatures or spells. If love to see an in-game library that developed as you played the game. Very dynamic; thumbs up from this fan.

Sounds like a good idea, though I don’t know what information you specifically need that isn’t mentioned in the description. If you’re just talking about clarifications (I.E.: Vampire Bat is a BAT-class monster, along with X other monsters from the Chaos class) that’s a decent idea, though I would leave the other monsters as question marks until they’re unlocked by extraction.

On the other hand, if you mean explaining synergistic combos, then that should absolutely be self-discovered. Similarly, I’m really enjoying tracking down Pills and Dusts on my own (none of the latter yet) without the absolute assurance that I know what they’ll do. Discovery should remain a key part of any roguelike - otherwise the random generation becomes monotonous.

I wouldn’t check a wiki for the exact reason I don’t want to spoil what the game has to offer. I like to find new stuff and be surprised. It’s what keeps me excited lol… That’s why the original nether knowing there was a max of 30 gem bummed me out cause I no longer had a curious wonder about the orbs. Now the imbued nether orbs are here once Apple gives us 2.0.9 lol and I’m happy again not knowing what kind of powerful orbs I will find :). That’s also why I hope in the future artifacts can surprise me since atm, there is no real surprise. I just know every level i gain will make the next artifact primary stats couple points more. I always love the unknown :slight_smile:

An autogenerated list of creature abilities, statuses, effects, etc, would be amazing.

Yes, a more robust in-game library would take away the need for an external wiki. I know some people here like the idea of not knowing how everything works, but the part of the game that I enjoy most is sifting through all the abilities and artifacts looking for fun and effective combinations.

The information that I find myself wanting is mostly more detail on exactly how abilities and statuses work. There was a thread recently where Zack gave the formulas used to calculate poison and burn damage. I’d like to see that level of detail in the library so when I’m planning out my next team of creatures I want to try, I can answer the question of “Do I want to do a Burn party or a Poison party?” or a question like “This skeleton says it has a chance of instantly killing the target that gets greater the more damage the target has. What is the formula?”. The min-maxer in me wants more information than is currently available in the game.

It might also be fun to have some encounter stats on creatures in the library, like how many times you’ve seen the creature in combat, how many times you’ve killed it, how many times it’s killed you, etc.

Well, since nobody has stepped up to the plate, I went ahead and started The Castle Library. Zack, I want to say that I respect your stance on spoilers, and I thought a long time about whether I should start a wiki. In the end I decided that it’s inevitable that somebody will do it, and I might as well make sure it’s a good one.

I appreciate and commend your effort in working on this! I’m definitely excited to see how this turns out :slight_smile:

Feel free to post this on our subreddit and Steam discussion board as well.

Thanks for your encouragement, Zack. It’s a relief! I’ll publicize it more widely once I have a bit more content up.

It is, by the way, open for anyone to edit.

It might be best to make a brand new topic about this.

On a sidenote, if this gains enough traction I’ll add it as a link to the main website and subreddit sidebar if that’s alright with you.

[quote=“Zack, post:12, topic:546”]It might be best to make a brand new topic about this.

On a sidenote, if this gains enough traction I’ll add it as a link to the main website and subreddit sidebar if that’s alright with you.[/quote]

Will do, and yes, absolutely. Thanks!