Siralim won't run on SteamOS

I have a zotac nano aq-01 (AMD A4-5000(quad core, 1.5 GHz), 8GB DDR3 RAM) that I wanted to try SteamOS on, so I installed it, and it’s running fine. Siralim (and Siralim 2) both installed fine, but when I try to launch them, it looks like it tries to launch something but then falls right back to the game launch page. Other games are working fine. If I can provide any logs to assist, please let me know where they are and I will post them. Any help is much appreciated!

**Also, it says I have played 45 hours, when I’ve played less than 10 min so far, any idea why that is?

I’m sorry to say that I don’t have SteamOS myself to test the game on, so it’ll be tough for me to help troubleshoot the problem. (Valve assumes that because a game is available for Linux, we support SteamOS as well and we can’t disable that option anywhere.)

Does SteamOS have any way to dump logs like standard Linux? If so, I’d be happy to take a look at those and see if anything stands out. I suspect that it just won’t ever work, though, since we didn’t create the games for SteamOS to begin with.

I couldn’t find any so I installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 and installed the ubuntu repository steam package. Installed Siralim again, tried to launch it, a window briefly flickered up and disappeared, and back to Steam. Same issue. Does Siralim work on Linux? I can provide logs to you, if you can tell me where to find them

Do other Steam games work with your Ubuntu installation?

yes, I haven’t had a chance to test much but both Dragon Fantasy games work fine

Have you ensured your video drivers are up to date and installed correctly? It seems like that’s the most common reason this happens on Linux for most games.

Tried to update the AMD driver, now steam won’t even start lol (some OpenGL error)

In that case, I have a feeling there’s something wrong with the Steam installation.

How did you install it? You should get it from here:

I did initially, but there was some issue with installing it that way (I don’t think it would run at all), so I removed it and installed from the ubuntu repository.
Tonight I’m going to try running things on the latest version of regular Ubuntu (not Ubuntu MATE 16.04 as I have been using) and see if that makes any difference.

If not, I’ll just go back to Windows. This is getting too complicated for a simple gamebox :stuck_out_tongue: