SiraLime - Pokémon-esque teamcards for S3 - so, I more-or-less did it.
Initially I was rather sceptical about this project, since S3 community is not as wide as big P one and doing software with .NET and NodeJS glued together was generalized as insanity in ever coding group I posted about it.

But still - it’s here. Console utility that reads your export data and gives cool team card in return. Probably I will work on it some more if there will be any demand.

Thoughts ? Suggestions ?


This is really cool! Thanks for sharing!

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New version released:
[+] Equipped runes parser and render.
[+] Nether status render.
[+] Improved console output.

New version released:
[+] Redone console handling (now handled separately when executed from shortcut and cmd.exe).
[+] Improved parser (100% of useful export data is now handled)
[+] Improved interface (all artifact data is now prettyprinted).
Seriously, just look at this:

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This is pretty cool, though I had a couple of errors and had to tweak my export data in order to get it to work right. One is that it doesn’t seem to handle Heredity which makes creature stats look like:
Health (15): 910947
Mana: 80
Attack: 143574
Intelligence (-15): 87590
Defense (7): 177072
Speed (-7): 127690

and the other issue was with my title, I think it expects something like Title Name, Level 100 Death Mage; but titles have a lot more variety than that, like Franken-Name, Name the Realmwalker, Itherian Lord Name, or Name, Light of Surathli. I don’t know that there is a good solution for this other than people making sure they are using a title that works since there is so much variety.

Thanks for taking the time to make something like this.

Can you, please, send me your export data ? I will tweak my parser, sorry for inconvenience.
P.S. Fixed Heredity parsing:

New version uploaded:
[+] OS-independent font collection.
[+] New font for creature typing (Dosis).
Looks a little better, I guess:

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New version uploaded:
[~] Narrow rendering font (‘Impact’ -> ‘Neue’)
[+] New teamcard page with artifact and nether traits data.
I guess it’s now much more informative: