Skeleton Cannoneer / Mutant Rotmongerer Overlap, and Class Devotion

Skeleton Cannoneer

Ability: Recover 50% of missing health at start of turn.


Mutant Rotmongerer

Ability: Recover 25% health at start of turn.

I can see the effort involved in trying to keep these two creatures different, and that’s actually appreciated. They’re both Death creatures though, and while having identical or near-identical creatures in different classes might be nice, here it’s a little overkill. My suggestion is thus to leave the Cannoneer alone, as its ability is arguably the stronger when you need it, and instead to change the Mutant’s ability to something more like this:


Darkness Surrounding: Recover 10% of health at start of each turn for each of your Death creatures.


This allows you to divide these two creatures into seperate niches, with the Cannoneer for more general tanking / health recovery roles, and the Mutant into a Mono-death build.

Speaking of which, monoclass creatures are something I haven’t seen explored much yet in Siralim (though this may be a fault of not having unlocked all tiers yet). Race archetypes are common, in comparison, but creatures that specifically buff their class might be a good add. Concepts:

Veiled Healer - Cleric, Life Class
Ability: Panacea
Has a 10% chance to remove all debuffs from a creature on its turn for each of your Life creatures.

Thaumaturgic Locus: Amaranth, Sorcery Class
Ability: Leyline
Grants a +5 or 1% bonus to Spellpower (whichever is higher) for each of your Sorcery creatures. Always has Magic.

Primeval Hind: Hunter, Nature Class
Ability: Survival Instinct
Grants a 10% bonus to Speed/Luck for each of your Nature creatures. Immune to debuffs.

Howling Mirror: Doom Fortress, Chaos Class
Ability: Through A Mirror Darkly
Each enemy creature has a 5% chance to be afflicted with Scorn at the beginning of a battle for each of your Chaos creatures.

Runic Mummy: Mummy, Death Class
Ability: Cannibalism
When one of your creatures dies, each of your other creatures gain 5% of its stats for each of your Death creatures.

Not sure about the change to current creatures, but the new creature ideas you put out are awesome. There is at least one creature that’s ability is based on a diverse team build, but a single type build would be interesting.

I like the ability ideas. I purposely avoided giving any creature an extremely specific ability, but I’m also working on a new reward system for the arena and I think this might fit in pretty well with your idea.

Here’s how the arena redesign will work: each time you win an arena match, you’ll earn a certain amount of Arena Points. Obviously, the more consecutive matches you win in a row, the more points you’re given. When you walk away from the arena (or if you die, in which case you’ll receive far fewer points), you won’t receive items anymore - instead, you’ll be able to spend these points at new merchants. The merchants sell all kinds of rare items, including pills and arena-exclusive legendary crafting materials. These materials cannot be obtained anywhere but from the arena and are extremely specific. For example, one of the abilities granted from these materials causes your creatures with Shell to have a 50% chance to not lose this buff when attacked. This means that you can build a team solely around the Shell buff. This ability is far too niche to be given to a specific creature, but is still quite useful. Your ability ideas fall into this category as well.

I like this concept. As it stands, there’s not much reason to go to the Arena, because it’s both more difficult and less rewarding than the Realms in the long run (Duties + random drops add up, yo).

My device was crashing when I exited at levels 50-100, hopefully switching to a point award at the end of the session will prevent my android getting loot migraines and shutting down.

I like the idea, too. While you are at it, could we get some kind of resume functionality for arena? For example we get a checkpoint every 10 fights? There does not have to be any reward until you die or step away for good just the option to resume a series of fights at a later point.

Right now doing arena battles blocks you from any other activity until you walk away (or die). And though crashes are very rare I still get nervous around battles 30+ for the time invested and potential of loosing all the progress.

It might be easier to implement a Streak concept, akin to the Daily Realms. You do 20-30 matches then you ‘win’ a championship in the Arena, and are automatically refunded an Invitation plus your gear. Then, when you challenge again, you’re automatically missing a certain percentage of your health - say 20%?

I offer this as an alternative because it seems as if save/pause functionality might be a serious pain to implement for the Arena.

Technically the system already exists. It is similar to realm levels without the shrine upgrade. Once you die, you have to start again at realm level 1. Same holds true for arena. The only difference is that you have to store characters health levels for arena.