Skeleton Cannoneer vs. Mutant Rotmongerer

Seeing as how the Skeleton Cannoneer’s ability is to regenerate 50% of MISSING health each turn and the Mutant Rotmongerer’s ability is to regenerate 50% of MAXIMUM health per turn…there seems to be a disparity between the two abilities. Also, seeing how they’re both Death class creatures, it seems like there’s a degree of overlap to the point that the Cannoneer’s ability is just simply inferior by comparison. Shouldn’t the Rotmongerer’s be closer in line, such as a scaling health % increase. I’m not sure to what the scaling would be tied - perhaps the number of dead creatures or perhaps the number of Death-type creatures, etc.

Perhaps I’m going the wrong direction with this, but it just seems like between the two abilities, you would never choose the Cannoneer (beside the base stat difference between the two, but the abilities are the focal point here).

Funny thing is, the abilities used to be the other way around - the rotmonger didn’t regenrate enough, so it felt pointless. 50% seems a bit high, though, possibly buffing the skeleton to 60% or reducing the rotmongerer to 35-40% would work well.

I think there is a bonus to not healing yourself based on max hp, and instead healing based on missing hp. That is when you encounter the Swampdweller (blight). I do however agree that the amount healed by the Cannoneer is strictly better than the Rotmonger, so increasing one or decreasing the other might be a good idea.

I remember complaining about this about a week after I joined the forum, when Rotwalker’s ability was recovering 25% of its max Health at the start of its turn. Not much has changed, then.

Perhaps changing the Rotmongerer’s ability to something else entirely might be a better solution? Since, regardless of how they function, the abilities seem TOO strung along the same vein, perhaps. Skeleton Cannoneer’s ability is probably more balanced (since 50% max health heal every turn is a bit much, especially if you an encounter a beefy Rotmongerer nether?) so keep that as is, or you could tweak it more freely without becoming overpowered since it’s based on “missing” health rather than maximum. Maybe make Rotmongerer something along the lines of every time a creature dies, gains current and max health. I’d say something involving health increase or some sort of regeneration, to keep it in line with a self-preserving ability. I just think the flat-out “regenerate X% of max health at the start of turn” with the Cannoneer’s ability in existence as well is a bit redundant and just serves to diminish the Cannoneer’s ability. Or could go the other way and change the Cannoneer along the lines I previously mentioned?

Creating more variety between the two abilities, I believe, would make them both more interesting.