Skeleton Sniper Early Game

I decided to play through the early game again in 0.7.6 to treat our the new experience curve.

Overall, I like the change. My creatures end up being a bit lower level than previously, which yields a lot more total resources over the course of the first 10 Realms.

However, with a bit lower level and fewer hit points, Skeleton Sniper can be really one-shoty early game.

On realm 1, I spawned near a Skeleton Sniper (first fight after the tutorial). He went first (high speed) and killed my first creature. He then dodged my second creature and wiped my team with his second attack.

Obviously, this doesn’t happen every time. But I backed up my safe file and re-played the first Realm a number of times. Sniper is definitely beat-able in Realm 1 (especially if you are fortunate enough to have good spell gems on both creatures), but I did have two more wipes in playing Realm 1 six times.

I am not sure what the solution is … it is nice to have a good attacker available for extraction early game. But it is really easy to wipe on Realm 1 Sniper for anyone who gets an unlucky spell gem draw (or is too inexperienced to use the spell gems they get effectively)

Yeah, I can definitely see this being an issue if you don’t manage to one-shot him first. What class are you playing? Chaos obviously tears right through these guys, but I suspect a few classes might have a much harder time with these.

Nature can deal with them too.

I was playing Sorcery in this latest test game.

Had the exact same result playing Sorcery. The assassin just one shots each time, and dodges so often. Glass cannon enemies need to be moved to later stages of the game. Instawin/Instaloss is not a fun strategy element on the first level of a game.
build ID1282849
patch 1.0.3?