Skill description

This is related to the skill:

Wolf Ability - Eye of Thylacine: Each of your creatures’ DireWolves grant the creature 15% chance to dodge attacks.

This does not stack with itself, thus I suggest adding an extra part to the description resembling the one that increases your DireWolves damage by 200%, where it says that this can only activate once per turn. This would help make it very clear how it functions, and avoid any future confusion. ^^

“This ability can only activate once per direwolf.”

I also just tested a party of 5 Siren Soothsayers and a Blood Hound, where I gave the bloodhound an artifact with the ability Grant Buff: Wildimps. The DireWolves stacked to 8 (3+5), while the imps only stacked to 4. Is this intended or a bug?

After some more testing, I can actually not see that the WildImps do any damage at all. Enemies do sometimes get scorned, but there never is a message describing the damage of the WildImps, not when using only that “minion” buff, and not while having both DireWolves and WildImps.

The Soothsayer thing is a bug that will be fixed in the next update. It affects all “Grant Buff: XX” properties that apply a summoned minion buff.