Sloth trait broken

Doesn’t seem to be working, at all.

It is supposed to lower their stats and halve their mana, but clearly the mana is full and the stats seem to be unaffected.

It works actually, at least in terms of mana. It’s just that it decreases the maximum mana as well, so the enemy mana bars stay full. Easy to see this in surathli’s realm in the mirror orb fight when you own one. I assume it works the same for the stats.

Whether or not it should be decreasing the maximums is a different matter, I suppose. Can’t remember how it worked in S2.

it works on me for sure, when i meed that sin on arena im dead in 50% cases :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s supposed to work on Maximum Mana, so I’ll clarify that in the trait description.

Ok, but is it supposed to NOT to work with Drained trait?