Slow and unresponsiveness after 1.2.0 update

I’m using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and after the 1.2. update came out, things became more sluggish. There are no problems with the movements around the realms in Siralim but when it comes to combat, everything seems to be a lot more unresponsive and slow from the last version. I used to be able to tap the “A” key to skip a text after I’ve read it but now there’s a delay with every text so tapping the “A” key right away doesn’t skip anything and I have to wait for the delay to pass to get through. Combat now takes considerably longer as I found out that the best way to deal with this new annoyance is to just hold down the “A” key and wait for everything to just finish by itself. This adds a lot of time to the combat phase. The menu seems to also have gotten more sluggish as well. Reordering the creatures or viewing the artifacts now all have the same weird delay that happens in combat. After every key press, I have to wait for the delay to pass before I can press a key and have it respond. I’ve tried restarting the game and my phone but things are still the same after the update 1.2.0 came out.

I have exactly the same problem on my HTC One and with version 1.2.1.

I’ll get a fix out for this today.

It is fixed now.

The problem was caused by the colored text ? I can say it was not causing any slowness on Windows version though.

I’m afraid the 1.2.2 is bugged : I can’t go past the very first screen where it displays the default controls. No button is responding (Android version).

I’ve tested this on a few different devices and can’t reproduce the issue. You might need to restart your device.

Edit: This problem is happening on my iPhone. I’ll get this fixed quickly.

Uploading a fix now. Please let me know if it solved the problem for you.

I’m sorry but the problem is still here with 1.2.3, even after rebooting my device.

Problem seems to be fixed for me and the game is running smoothly again but there is still a delay when viewing a creature’s artifact. After clicking on “view artifact” there’s a delay before I could exit the viewing window. Most of the problem seems to be fixed though and the game is working great for me again. Thanks for the quick fix!

How long is the delay? There’s an intentional delay to prevent people from accidentally closing it too quickly, but it shouldn’t be longer than a couple seconds.

Bewi: I’m still working on fixing the touch controls. Still hoping to have it fixed today.

Yes the delay is only a few seconds if it is intentional.

There is a new problem though. Every time I use a gem box, an error message pops up and the game crashes.

I’ll include that in tonight’s fix then.

The A and B buttons work alright for me, though not as responsive as I remembered in the past. My main problem with the very latest patch is the D pad is all jacked up, especially pressing up and left directions. I noticed that the hotspots for those two directions appear to be close to the center dot. Sliding (swiping) out from the center position gets movement much better, but something is definitely awry with the D pad for me. It’s difficult to play like this. BTW, the last patch was like #3 in 24 hours… Not sure if another version went up while I am writing this.

Siralim Android v1.2.3
Nexus 7 2012
Android version KitKat 4.4.4

I promise, it’s actually fixed this time. I’m compiling the update now and you should see it in about an hour from now. This also contains a few more fixes including everything people mentioned on the forums today.

Thanks for being patient and for providing so much detail on your bug reports, everyone.

Hey Zack!

Oh, cool, thanks! I finally had a little time to sit down and play after the stream of updates put it fresh on my mind. I ended up wiping my party at level 16 and it deleted my game afterward. I must have set it to hardcore mode or something. I tried another old save game and it crashed when I tried to summon something. I will just start a new game after the next patch and try again. :smiley:

Looking good with all the new stuff. The patch notes read like an encyclopedia!

Yeah, if your save file deleted itself then it was definitely hardcore mode. There are a lot of safeguards in place to make sure your game data doesn’t get deleted on accident anymore :slight_smile:

Would you mind posting the crash when you summon something? It might be fixed by now, but I’d like to take a look anyway to make sure.

Zack, the D pad and buttons work great again, thanks for the quickie fix! ;D

I tried to replicate my summoning crash and generate one of those spiffy pop-up crash reports, but I can’t seem to do it again. So, perhaps that was fixed in this patch, too. My save games are embarrassingly old and I probably shouldn’t be using them seeing how much has been added and changed since. But, alas, such a piece of work is man! :wink:

I will chime in elsewhere in the forum if my little bugaroo pops up again; hopefully with a camera snapped screenshot (non-rooted Google device = no screens ;).

Thanks a humbling ton for your expertise and rapid fire… And for the future inclusion of my virtual avatar. Now I wonder what I will do if I ever meet my doppelganger in-game. ::slight_smile:


I can confirm the game is working fine on Android with 1.2.4. I think the delay for closing a creature’s artifact window is longer than before. It seems to be around 2 secs. Putting it back to something around 1 sec would be better in my opinion.


It seems the game is slowing after I play it for a while. I see that slowness when a creature dies. It flashes more slowly than usual. I don’t know if it comes from the game or from my device, but I did not have this problem before 1.2.0.

I have to add that this slowness sometimes disappear without quitting the game. Sometimes I put it to background and it runs fine again. Sometimes it does not work that easily.