Hey Zack, I did a quick snoop and couldn’t find any info, sorry if this has already been brought up though.
I’ve just come back and am finding the game a bit sluggish, especially in realms and battles. Obviously a small price to pay for the new art and certainly not game breaking, just wanted to mention it.
Using android, and ps3 controller. No sound or haptic.

Are you playing version 2.0.7?

Can you tell me what kind of phone/tablet you’re using?

Yeah, 2.0.7
I’m on an Xperia Z.

Looks like that has 2GB RAM which should be way more than enough. Are any other apps running in the background or anything? Or maybe there are some kind of power saving options enabled.

Dang it. Blasted battery mode. Runs great now, cheers.
Amazing updates, though!

… No, my mistake, still a bit groggy.
Just got into the grasslands and noticed that, when the game stutters, the ground flashes teeny tiny black lines for a split second. Only on the paths though, not the inaccessible walls. Couldn’t see this on the darker areas, like dungeon and chaos.
All battery savers are off, all unimportant tasks have been killed. Runs a lot faster with everything off, until clearing fog of war or battling groups of 2+
Apart from the smashed screen, the phone has no other issues and old Siralim worked fine. Can’t think of anything else that could affect it; no crashes or, well, anything.

Alright, thanks for the info. I’m going to upload an experimental patch (2.0.8) - it should be available in less than an hour as of this post. When you get a chance, could you please tell me if it solves the problem?

Yo, sorry, got called away.
Great, tried it… intensively, and nigh on perfect. Even the auto-fire mode is working again. After a time (level 1 - 22) the grid on the floor returned slightly, but nothing of note. Probably the whole three-solid-hours-on-a-phone-on-charge at play there. It’s great. No crashes or problems at all.
Still the fastest and most dedicated dev out there!

Great to hear that! Thank you for writing back and letting me know.