Smack Around Odd Interactions

Trait States: After an enemy dodges an attack, this creature attacks it 2 times.

First odd interaction, if you have something with Multi strike (And the multistrike rune) if your first two attacks the enemy dodges, and the third you hit, Smack Around doesn’t proc, it only procs if the last attack in a multi-strike chain is a dodge. Edit: This isn’t actually true. It will just take the attacks itself, including multistrike, so if the enemy dodges one attack everytime it tries to attack, it will just keep attacking until it’s target is dead, or it connects on all 3 attacks.

Second odd interaction, Valkyrie Scout, if an enemy attacks a creature, and the valkyrie scout attacks in retaliation, and the enemy dodges, instead of Smack Around proccing, the Valkyrie scout instead takes the two additional attacks (This can chain many, many times.).

Edit2: To clarify My Valkyrie Scout has Death’s Bite on as well, At the End of Each ally’s turn, this creature attacks a random enemy for 20% normal damage. My Tower Giant has Smack Around on, that’s why I always notice, my entire team does between 100-300 damage, my Tower giant does between 5-15K damage. So it’s a very, very obvious difference that he’s not taking his dodge attacks.

As of V0.0.37 Smack Around is still letting the person who was dodged take the attacks, not the creature with the trait.