Small bug on iOS version

Just played for about 20 minutes, everything works very good so far ! Only encountered a small bug :

During the tutorial, if you move the buttons around (as in moving the touch buttons, changing the layout) the visible buttons move but the actual hitboxes for touch dont.

As soon as the tutorial is over everything works fine, you can move and the touchzone moves as intended.

Its small and not breaking anything (i mean the tutorial isnt even 5 minutes long) but i thought id report it.

Thanks, I’ll take a look!

I want to add to that bug, now this one isnt only in the tutorial but everywhere in game : I cannot move the dpad down, even if i move it up prior, i tested all other movements for every buttons and everything else works, only “move dpad down” wont work, it just doesnt do anything.

I actually came here to report exactly what Milotorou said. I was messing with the controls and now my d-pad is a lot higher than I would like it to be. =(

For now wootcakes you can simply reset back everything to default using the “default” option under “Game Options” that way the dpad will go back to its initial

I wanted it down for it to reach the edge of my 6s Plus screen so i just increased the size instead lol

Haha! Awesome, thanks! Yeah I was playing with it because I remember there being the same thing in Siralim 1, and I was curious to see if it got fixed. :o