Small bug-Stronghold strategy

Galaxy S5, Android 5.0 Lollipop

My Stronghold’s strategy to always provoke doesn’t seem to work when I enter combat and it defaults to attacking. The provoke strategy works fine for my Summer Aspect.


What exactly do you mean? Ate you attacking with the stronghold? You only get 100% provoke of you actually provoke :stuck_out_tongue:

This appears to be working properly for me on all of my creatures. Can you go to your Stronghold’s menu where you select the strategy and make sure the menu option says Strategy (Provoke)?

I should have said Siralim 2.0.9. I’ll test this again over lunch break and report back.

Indeed, I must have failed to configure the attack strategy. Sorry for the false alarm. Thanks again for this amazing game.

And holy cow, glyphing my monsters correctly makes a big difference.