Small changes to enable one-monster play

I was trying to play a one-monster game (at least for the beginning part) but it turns out that you can’t put your last monster in the zoo, and as soon as you summon a second monster, enemy groups permanently have two. :frowning: Which means that right now you can’t do a one-monster challenge with anyone except the five starting monsters.

My preferred solution to this would be to have the number of enemies depend on the number of monsters you currently have in your party, but I understand that that would be a balance change you might not want to do.

Other possibilities include:
– Allowing you to put your last monster in the zoo (would probably require adding some more checks to make sure you don’t go through the portal with no monsters, etc.)
– Only updating the “maximum number of monsters you’ve ever had” counter when you go through a portal (or start a fight, or whatever).

What do you mean? I’ve been able to solo-run realms. You just go with one guy… you don’t need to remove the last one. You will get two enemies sometimes, but that’s how it goes. It’s not like you could go very deep in realms with one creature and I feel like that’s a balancing mechanic so you can’t just clear a million realms with just one creature. It’s make the game too easy, in my opinion. But yes, I have solo’d to realm 7. Probably could’ve gone further, too.

With my starting creature, I only ever encountered one enemy. When I summoned a second creature and put my starting creature back in the Zoo, my first encounter was with two enemies, even though I only had one creature with me.

I’m pretty sure even if you only use your starting creature, enemy groups will have six creatures by player level 30. I’m not sure if a solo-friendly mode will be implemented; the game seems so focused on team synergy that it would be kind of strange. Though a creature with an ability that gains a benefit from empty creature slots would be sort of interesting.

I don’t think you’re right. I’m two hours into my latest game, with a level 16 player and a single level 12 creature, and I’ve been farming level 1 sorcery realms for scrolls, telescopes, and potions. I never encounter more than one enemy at once.

It’s been a neat game so far. I used Reincarnation Mode to turn my Iron Golem into a Brim Smith, so I can one-hit kill any fight on level one or two, but unfortunately resource gains from fights do scale with number of enemies. I recently unlocked life realms so I can get weapon artifacts and emblems (and have a better way of finishing rituals).

Jamosup is correct. The number of enemies scale to the number of creatures you’ve summoned, but there’s also a hard cap where after your character reaches a certain level, the number of enemies scales up regardless of how many creatures you’ve summoned.

The game isn’t really built around solo parties and things like that, but as someone mentioned here before, an ability that works based on empty slots could be very interesting.

Awww, man. After all of the effort I put in to trying to exploit corner cases in the game, it’s disappointing when you’ve already thought of and dealt with those exploits :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t suppose any of the other basic 4 realms have as many royalty points lying on the floor as Sorcery? Preferably without the telescopes.

The creativity is clocking up!

Abstract Demon - Demon Subtype

Ability: From Nothing

This creature gains a 70% bonus to its stats for each empty space beside it.


Ghost Caller - Cleric subtype

Ability: Absent Echo

If this creature’s row is empty, this creature summons a duplicate of itself into each slot, granting all three Callers the Link buff.


Hall of Dreams - Doom Fortress subtype

Ability: Spark of Creation

If this is the only creature you control, casting spells does not end your turn.


Accelerator Amaranth - Amaranth subtype

Ability: Interceptor

If this creature’s row is empty, it gains 30% Attack/Speed and has a 66% chance to Stun any creature it attacks.


Omnicidal Carnage - Carnage subtype

Ability: Gorge On Reality

If this is your only creature, it replaces the creature two slots down from it in the action order each time it attacks. (I don’t know how to phrase this properly, but it always gets every other turn. Make sense?)

Other ability ideas:
– If this creature is alive at the end of battle, you get a resource/experience/treasure/whatever boost for every empty space.
– When this creature provokes, any empty spaces in your lineup are filled with illusionary copies of the creature that are also provoking (but don’t take damage).
– For every empty space in your lineup, your creatures start combat with one random buff.
– A version of something like splash or the sand golem ability, except that they can also target spaces that are empty (or where the enemy is now dead).

Vagrant, these creature ideas are awesome! You’re getting an applause from me, these would be some exiting and interesting creatures in the game.

My one note would be a need. We would need the ability to move creatures into blank spaces. As it is, all creatures essentially “stack” with the top left slot being one, then two and three are just to its right, then bottom left is four then five and six. You can’t put a creature in slot six if you only have four creatures. This would make some of these creatures rather ineffective in some ways as you’d have to have one or four creatures to use the ones that require an open row. Freely arrangeable slot would male things much more versatile and conducive to creativity. It would also provide new ideas and setups for the existing creatures.

Not sure if this is even mechanically possible, but I figured I’d mention it.