Small question about the game

Hi people ! Never talked on the forums but have been stalking for months !

I quite liked Siralim and i an very eager to play Siralim 2, thing is i dont play any games on PC and only use my mobile as a computer (both iphone and ipad).

I know the game is coming soon to my platform and the hype is building xD

I just want to know : did you keep Hardcore mode from siralim 1 ? I love it, and i sure hope its still there !

Thanks for answering and thank you very much for bringing this latest release to iOS as well !

Nope, Siralim 2 does not have a hardcore mode.

oh im sad to hear it :frowning:

Im sure the game will be amazing regardless !

Is there any plans to implement it in the future, and is there any reasons you decided to leave it out ? Just curious

I guess for now that gives me another reason to keep siralim 1 on my device lol