Small thing - "Pure" stats

Hi all, this is my first post, so thanks for having me and all that. Siralim is fantastic, I’m over 60 hours in and having a blast.

I had a small idea though, I noticed that some abilities draw from a base stat (like the Dryad Proliferator’s defense when using its ability), instead of the more typical (seemingly) stat + artifact modifier. Maybe in these cases the language could be reworked to say something like, “pure Defense” or “unmodified Defense” for clarity? Just a thought.

Thanks to the devs for an amazing game!!!

Almost invariably if an ability references a stat, it means the premodified stat. The only ones that don’t specifically mention “Damage” like the Colossal Giant or Troll Necksnapper, which is what’s left after Attack and Defense are calculated against each other (and thus is invariably weaker).

Still, that’s an argument I’ve raised before, myself.

I’m not sure of the language, but for instance my Omnipotent Deity’s skill says it calculates based on Attack, and definitely seems to include the artifact modifier there. So it’s mildly vague, but nothing a little playtesting won’t solve, and maybe you DO want players trying to figure out the details for themselves. I’m kind of torn on this.

Artifact stats are involved so are everything that increases attack for the fight. If something only recalculates attack when attacking (like brim smiths ability) that won’t work on abilites.

Those that use damage in their text base it on the damage you deal after defense calculations. Some abilities wont include stats form abilities that allow you to use a higher attack value without actual increase. (Like frostfire, which doesnt actually add attack just allows you to use a higher value, that wont work for abilities like calamity).

Abilities that actually increase said value always works (like inspirit, which works just fine with calamity)