Sneak Peek: Rank F Lore entries

I’ve been posting these on Twitter and Discord but now they’re here too!

Edit: resized them a bit.

These are great!

The Vulpes really tugs at the fight for moral justice in all of us. “Do I do the right thing, or buy this super cool refrigerator-fox?”

I’d be torn for a while on that one, I think.

Something about these reminds me of how dark Pokedex descriptions have gotten in Pokemon, as well :stuck_out_tongue: (In a good way, not a rip-off way, of course). These are fascinating little bits of backstory that should add a lot of lore to the Siralim world (which has a name, that I’ve forgotten). Though it does make me wonder if there are some more lighthearted lore entires, too ;D

Forgot about the Christmas special ;D

There are some funny ones and some lighthearted ones. To be honest, I hadn’t realized we’d chosen 3 really dark ones in a row :-[

which has a name, that I've forgotten
Interesting question, btw. [b]Rodia[/b] seems to be a name of country, set in plane where different castles co-exist.

That being said, gameplay itself was traditionally set in chaotic planar mashup, with Siralim and it’s containing plane being something like Sigil in terms of “civil HQ between multidimensional wilderness”.

Zack/Umaro, correct me if I wrong.

I’ll gladly discuss the game’s lore after S3 is released (or maybe after it leaves Early Access) :stuck_out_tongue:

Though it looks like the ruler of Siralim has practically taken over the country by the time S3 begins.

Rodia is a federative country, right ? As in, you can be King\Queen of your very own local castle, yet there are still some government ruling whole state?

Also it seems like no known gods have direct control over plane where Rodia resides. One more similarity with Sigil.

There you go, some lighthearted ones!

Nice. Always viewed Aspects as somewhat more druidic creatures, though.

Hm. So not all monsters are supposed to be sapient, huh ?

Hm, so Siralim elves are connected with forests ? I always supposed them to be cave-dwelling, somewhat akin to Drow.

Some races tell a story through their entries, so the first sentence doesn’t make much sense on its own. You’ll have to read them in order in the game’s bestiary.

Hey, that’s a neat idea! I like that the blood slime still retains its own bit of lore. That way we get a broader story, while the individual monster keeps its identity.

“track whatever comes near” sounds a little better, IMO.