So about artifact/spell gem grinding cost

EDIT: maybe add an option to salvage/grind using all granite i have? one by one its really insanely long since it pops up those results everytime, and also asks for confirmation etc, and it will take hours.

i have 2k artifacts, 1.3k spell gems. Grinding them costs 420k/650k granite. Im midgame (200 hours) and i dont have and never had such amounts of granite. And there is no option to mass throw them out. And really no way i will sit for hours to throw them out one by one, noone will. Problem now that evertime now there is an artifact or a spell gem in loot i have increasingly long lags. I bet it has something to do with amount of extra stuff i have gathered. But again cant do much about it. Such amount probably would be attainable for me in 100 ish hours of normal gameplay maybe more maybe less since i cant figure a way to increase granite gains yet (not all things unlocked).

Ok maybe if we had a stash in the castle. Where we could stash all our unlocked gems/artifacts. And forget about em until we need it. So game wont access that info everytime we get loot. Or maybe change how game handles it.
But again i think we just gain artifacts and gems at a way higher pace then granite to justify salvaging till you have some +100-150% consitent bonus (out of top of my head the amount, but granite currently is used on arena/runes a lot, i used it to grind 800 gems
earlier, that took most of my pile)

EDit: currently, one battle nets around 250gr, up to 500-1000 if nemesis/s rank, up to 2k if nemesis in 200% bonus sigil.
figures if doing sigils only (top level too) it will take about 1k battles in highest level top rolled sigils. Problem is such sigils give good amount of loot as well :stuck_out_tongue: so a bit more. Hope ill unlock some way of getting granite soon. (converting other resources is not an option - 1st they are getting spend, ok, can convert all but power, but it will only shorten it by 50%, and also feels a bit detrimental)

If anything needed a talisman to reduce costs of grinding, it’s spell gems and artifacts.