So I got my first Nether Demon...

After a few attempts on other saves, this run through took a nice turn. I’ve been building up a Diabolic Horde team, which was going a bit slow since I put most of my resources into building my nether instead of more creatures. So I still don’t have the attack booster for the team, though I did get the one that gives Link. Fortunately, just before I finished leveling all my gems to 10, I found a Demon Dust.

So now I have a Demonic Diabolic Intruder, who happened to get Rootsplosion as his ability. Not a bad first Demon, and it should definitely help my new Diabolic Horde team out.

Congratulations! And what luck, it doesn’t get talked about, but I really like rootsplosion. Horde teams are really fun; when you get it situated, you should post it in the current team build thread!

Yeah, I had Rootsplosion pretty early in my last run, too, on an artifact. Worked quite well on a Fallen Carnage. In the few fights he couldn’t one-shot every single monster (mostly a few sigils), he could just start by picking off the weak ones, and it would generally proc in time to weaken the harder creature.