Soft lock when creatures wander off after battle

  1. Bug

  2. Please describe in as much detail as possible how to reproduce the bug or crash.

Random creatures in the team wander off from the chain whenever E and a direction are possibly pressed after an enemy encounter is finished. It is more commonly triggered by rapidly pressing E and a direction key (my normal playstyle).

The strange part is that dialog boxes no longer show up until all of the creatures are back in a line.

No dialog boxes when collecting/opening items on the map = a soft lock.
The main character can no longer move since the dialog box has not triggered and never will.

The creatures will realign themselves once a battle is entered and won. The bug is harder to trigger than the treasure chest case.

  1. Wine / Linux

  2. 0.10.2

  3. Any other details to help us solve the problem, such as what you were doing when the bug/crash occurred, or any hints on how we can reproduce it.

See 3.