Softlock in Frostbite Caverns

I managed to find a softlock in the quest progression. I entered Frostbite Caverns level 4 after defeating the first boss and was quickly defeated in battle and went back to the castle. Then I went into level 3 with the portal and got into the Frostborn Caverns and met Azural for the first time. Got his first meeting speech however the quest information still tells me to find Azurals altar. When I access the altar I only get the regular interaction of exchanging emblems and offering resources.

And because the quest state is on finding the altar I cant go to the next level. Tried going back after a save and exit but same still.

Hmm, interacting with his altar should work, so that’s weird. Would you mind sending me your save file so I can take a closer look?

It’ll be in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\SiralimUltimate\save and will end in “.sav”.

If you could send it to that would be great, thanks!

Save file sent! Thanks for quick reply :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue. Would having my save file too help any, or were you able to figure it out with Jaarl’s?

I’ve found the problem - just testing a fix now and then I’ll release a patch. Sorry for the inconvenience!


I can confirm I had the same problem on the initial version of the game aka already in the bugged state. Choose save and exit. Updated and launched and it fixed it even if in the bugged state already.