Some Bestiary entries may be unobtainable

I believe the bestiary only has 534 obtainable monsters, so the other 7 must be things like Mimic, Thylacine, Treasure Golem, Failed Experiment, etc.

I think there are only 5 that are unobtainable - I’ll adjust the bestiary counter for that.

I’ve counted “D” and “LZ” in my 534 creatures, if you meant those 2. I count 7 unobtainables, but I may be wrong.

The 5 unobtainable creatures are:

  1. Mimic
  2. Pandemonium King
  3. Failed Experiment
  4. Treasure Golem
  5. Thylacine

Maybe you haven’t obtained all the creatures from missions yet? There are 5.

I have 522 creatures currently, and I know I’m missing:

Ancient Arachnalisk
Waspid Hiveleader
Hysteria Ghoul
Aerum Rift Dancer
Gold Golem
War Golem
Master Shapeshifter
Depravity Smith

So I’ll have 534 once I get those. I wonder what the other 2 are.

Never mind, there are 536.

What about spell gems? Are there really 207 or is it counting the grimoire ones?