Some brief suggestions.

Sounds like a nice time to propose something, I guess. So, let’s see:

  1. Creature-wise lore. Yes, exactly like ones I adored in S1: brief and atmospheric.

  2. Some inborn spells to differentiate actual creatures from mere artifact with their trait. I guess, it’s quite natural for Priests to all have access to magic buffs or Smogs being able to use Defile from start.

  3. Defend to actually be useful. Changing it to “Rest” with some Mana restoration could be a way.

  4. Ability to change your equipment and spellgems right before battle – at least some of them. Always dreamed about being able to react on different enemy setups somehow.

  5. Sideteam. How about like… 4 more creature that you can take with you, yet unable to join combat unless you decide to change some of your partymembers between battles ?

More to come…

I’ve been kicking around the idea of combining Defend and Provoke into one function. As you implied, I don’t think a lot of people will ever use Defend aside from triggering a trait, which isn’t very practical.

Somewhat random thought about stat system I got recently:

OK, Siralim 1 proved that multiple defence numbers was a rather bad idea, right ? Now look: it’s all about stat numbers.
How about different approach ? Like every creature having percentile resist to each damage source (Death/Sorcery/Life/Nature/Chaos), which could only be modified by artifacts/spells/traits - hallo there, specialized shields.

…And look, there is more ! How about separate and percentile (again) damage amplification stats ? This creature does 30% more damage to Death, this - 15% less to Nature. Lances approves.

Just some random thing, I came up with recently: negative stats on artifacts. Spellgems can cost more mana, f.e., so why some sword shouldn’t grant you 2x ATK for small price of having…say… 25% less HP ? Sounds fair.

Some Barrier visualisation should be added. Thin colored line between HP and MP bars, may it be ?

Add mechanics to bind memo notes for monsters and artifacts. Sometimes it’s rather painful to use notepad for stuff like “thrash this once I get %X” or “pump more speed to % asap”.

Awesome idea, and surprisingly easy to add.

Nice to hear, Zack.

That being said, today I want to talk about spells. Or, more precise, levelable spellgems. Not only upgrading by use is a good idea (think TES), but it will finally add some value for gemed Shellbust and other trait-granted spells.

Negative favour: how about some actions actually being harmful for your standing with particular God after some point ? Like, you know, avoiding battles in Kingdom of Heretics or using Shades in Azure Dream ?

since were talking about stats: intelligence and speed are poor, i’ll explain. The 4 stats should be:

  1. Attack
  2. Defense
  3. Accuracy
  4. Avoidance

Enemies should share these stats. Magic damage scales off attack, but most spells would skip the avoidance check. Some spells might allow the victim an avoidance check, like Flaming Arrow, but they would be balanced with higher damage etc. Speed is especially poor in it’s current form because it’s a foregone conclusion that eventually the enemies will outstrip you by miles numbers wise. Intelligence is poor because it’s the same thing as attack, but for magic spells. This is redundant when we already have an attack stat. Merging Intelligence into attack lets us focus on offense or defense. In practice this is exactly what we are doing any way, why not just make it part of the game and give yourself a whole new set of tactical options.

I think the caster enemies would prove a much better challenge with this system. They were hopeless in S2.

The 4 stats above scale evenly between players and enemies.

And now I got some idea. It’s not really brief, neither easy to balance… but fun as hell, I guess. Siralim series was always all about beating balance with edgy sledgehammer, right ?

First of all: Defend should become a Pass, generic command which no monster really has under normal conditions.
Why ? Because for Sorcery mons int’s replaced with old-school Meditate command. Yes, no trait, so enemies gonna have it to.
Now, Life class use Atone command instead, which allows them to remove most recent debuffs.
Chaos monsters, on other hand, pass their turns with Amplify command to gain some percentage in random stat.
Death is a little less straight-forward and actually defends with their Shroud, minimizing chances to hit them
Now, Nature ? Nature simply Recuperate some % of lost HP on passed turns.

Of course, some traits, spells or even runes should strip monsters special commands back to generic Pass with no bonuses provided.
Of course, some class-appropriate runes can be used to improve those innate commands further.
So classes are now different and someone gonna actually use those ex-Defend. Wow.

Am I, like, awesome now ?