Some Buggy Spells

Summon Horde:
Description: Your creatures gain a minion for each creature that belongs to the same class as the caster.
Error: Minions are summoned with -1 stacks and are removed immediately upon reaching the creature’s turn (same way that buffs with 0 turns left get removed)

Description: Target’s barrier explodes and is removed, dealing damage to enemies equal to 200% of the strength of the barrier.
Error: Currently does exactly what Warp Reality does, except I can only target my own creatures instead of any creature. But basically just removes my barrier and then hits myself for 200% instead of hitting all the enemies. I don’t know if being able to only target your own creatures is intended, but I’m sure dealing damage to the targeted creature instead of all the enemies is NOT what the description claims. In it’s current state, description should just say “IT’S A TRAP!”


can confirm the Summon Horde spell still is bugged.