Some cosmetic issues / sounds

-Combat font, especially for the numbers, is pretty ugly. There are so many cool looking fonts out there, this one is generic looking at best.

-The non combat font looks slightly improved over S2, but still seems pretty generic. Fonts can give games a lot of character, especially RPGs. Why is ours so generic / courier / ariel??

-I dislike the ellipses after every non critical hit. Single digit damage numbers end up looking like a countdown “3… 2… 1…” Keep the exclamation after the criticals though.

-The location of the combat numbers and their color often causes issues as well. I purpose a more intuitive color scheme for damage types. Normal = white, Crits = yellow, 0 damage and dodges can be gray. Overall there is too much text polluting the number pop ups and it causes confusion during turbo mode.

-Music in S3 is 1mil times better than S2 BUT the sound effects are basically the same. A ton of your spell effects have tinny, chimey type of noises that are all pretty similar. Siralim being what it is, sometimes we cast tons of spells or effects in a row while we Turbo Mode through combat. The end result is a game with fantastic music being drowned out by a bunch of chime sound effects on auto repeat. I ended up just turning off the sound effects, but I greatly miss the menu sounds. We can do better here.

-will add more to this tread

i think the numbers that appear as a countdown are done that way to signify that the creature is the ineffective type against the enemy. Kinda like the weapon triangle in fire emblem

If true, then we need to be told that somehow. I had no idea that’s what it meant and I’ve played thousands of hours on the first two games.