Some Ideas to Improve the Breeding Menu

I feel like the breeding using known recipes menu could be more efficient than its current iteration. My suggestion would be to make it more like the unknown breeding option, but more streamlined. The player would begin by choosing the desired recipe like now, then the 1st column could change to display only known potential pedigrees for the recipe. After choosing a pedigree, the 2nd column could then display only possible mates that would result in the originally chosen offspring. In my opinion, this might work better than flipping through the possible combinations until you get the one you want.

Another nice quality of life feature would be if the known recipes menu also showed how many of the potential offspring are already in the stable. It could work similarly to the summoning menu, displaying the number of offspring currently in the stable (if possible) right under the name in the 3rd column.

Thanks for making a great game!