Some no brainer suggestions

  1. Allow us to rename artifacts!
  2. Allow us to create “squads” at the stables so its easy to swap out teams
  3. Have an auto repeat feature that will repeat your creatures last manually inputted action for the rest of the battle
  4. Allow us to organize our inventories in ways other than alphabetical
  5. Exalted Emblems completely obsolete Pandemonium Stones, adjust the cost of P. stones to be 2 emblems
  6. Make spells and spell casting more meaningful.
  7. Charge more money for this game so you can have money to make improvements. $5 is seriously undervaluing your product.

PS- These are minor improvements you can make to an already AMAZING game.

Siralim 2 is being developed, and some of your suggestions are already in. Read the devlog posts in the siralim 2 section of the forum.

Siralim is a great game, but I agree that the spell system is the weakest part of Siralim.
(Ignoring spells completely is a popular strategy in Siralim 1, which is sad :-< )

The completely re-worked spell-casting system in Siralim 2 is definitely the aspect of the sequel that I am most excited about!!

3 ) this option somewhat exists. You can set the default action so tanks provoke or defend. It will default to that selection every fight. Its under the monster options if you donnot know about it

Game is great and I cannot stop playing.

Some observations:

  • Walking speed is way too slow. I know there is an artifact that increases speed in the castle or something but it is not a good idea overall to to have a base speed that slow, it makes the game a bit more grindy than it needs to be. It is especially noticable once you have completed most of a realm, and you are running around checking if you got everything.

I know enemy movement is tied to your movement, so maybe you do not want to be running around with enemies still on the map, but maybe a notification when no more enemies are left + the ability to run then?

  • Having the library in its own room is great for atmosphere and such, but having that information readily available via a menu would be better imho. Maybe give a portable version in item form once you read all topics?

Again, the game is great, these are just QoL stuff. :]