Some sort of PvP functionality, perhaps?

This is probably the only team-building game I’ve seen that doesn’t have some way to pit your creatures against another real person’s monster squad. I understand that the… variable nature of the game would make balancing such matches a challenge, but there are always options to keep things relatively fair and square.

  1. Matchmaking: Since the focus of Siralim is primarily (or rather exclusively, at the moment) PvE (Player Verses Environment, meaning the Realms, Sigils, and Arena), this should probably be kept to as personal a level as possible. Thanks to forums like this, it would be fairly easy to find someone willing to fight, work out a good time for both parties, and exchange whatever piece of ID is needed to issue the actual challenge.
    The only actual problem is, what would that “ID” be? It would have to be something that all players have, whether they’re playing on Windows or Android, and whether they bought the game on Steam or an App store. It can’t be their King’s name, because there are almost guaranteed to be duplicate names. Same with any randomly-generated code, unless you include a way to check them against all of the others. Maybe a QR code or something?

  2. Leveling the Field: One of the most imposing barriers Siralim presents to PvP matches is the complete absence of a level cap. Before the match even starts, there needs to be a way to give my team of level 258 creatures a fighting chance against your level 962 beasts, not to mention the possible disparity in Royalty Points, Spell Power, Artifacts, etc.
    The answer to this problem is actually rather simple: a pre-match menu in which the contenders can set agreeable terms for the battle to come:

[ul][li]Creature Level [X] (this would set all creatures’ stats to what they would be at level [X])[/li]
[li]Character level [X] (this would affect things like spell power and the base stats of artifacts)[/li]
[li]Allow Spells [X] (a simple on/off toggle for spellcasting)[/li]
[li]Allow Perks [X] (Maybe have it so that this sets all Perks to their maximum, all-or-nothing? or should that be a sub-option? Should there be separate options for Creature Perks and Class-specific Perks?)[/li]
[li]Allow Artifacts [X] (another on/off toggle, this time for equipped Artifacts)[/li]
[li][list][li]Artifact enchantment value [X] (Greyed out if Artifacts aren’t allowed, this would be the set value for each stack of any common (stat-boosting) enchantments. If this number were set to 350, and you have, say, a sword enchanted with Calamity and nine stacks of Attack (a popular weapon, I hear), it would give a bonus 3150 plus the base Attack of a sword forged at the Character level set above, and Calamity. Rare enchantments (the % chance for status effect ones) would not be affected and would probably default to their maximum value (usually 25%))[/li][/list][/li]
[li]Allow Neather Creatures [X] (If not checked, this would set all creatures’ stats to the base for that creature at the level set above, and remove any Neather Demons’ extra abilities[/li]
[li][list][li]Allow Neather Demons [X] (Greyed out if basic Neathers aren’t allowed, this would remove the extra ability and +25% stat boost that Neather Demons get, but let normal Neather creatures keep their bonuses)[/li][/list][/li]
[li]Enhancement Pills should probably not be allowed to factor into any PvP matches, to preserve competitive balance. Don’t do drugs, kids![/li][/ul]

While the specifics could be hammered out ahead of time, there should probably still a basic chat box somewhere, and of course the match won’t start until both players confirm that they’re ready.

  1. To Battle: Not much really needs to be done here except maybe find room for another chat box. I’d suggest using the Combat Log box, but then there would have to be an option to flip back through the log so you don’t miss any important information. Come to think of it, why isn’t that already a thing?
    Anyway, to the players it would look just like a normal battle, except the enemies might take a few moments to act because they’re being controlled by another person instead of the AI.

  2. To the Victor: Goes experience and spoils equivalent to what they would have received from the same battle in the “wild,” plus the obligatory bragging rights 8). However, the loser would not actually lose anything beyond the match itself; no Power Balance, progress, or resources (raising the question of where the “spoils” come form, but whatever). This is meant to be a casual, low-steaks system so as to not encourage cheaters, trolls, or other ne’er-do-wells.

Something like this would add a bit of competition beyond the current game of Realm Limbo (How low can you go!), while still being a small enough part of the game that anti-social players (like myself, if we’re being completely honest) can ignore it entirely if they so choose without missing out on any actual content.
And of course it would only be a matter of time before someone organizes the first Siralim tournament. :wink: