Some Suggestions and thoughts.

First, Thanks for bringing more siralim into my life. These suggestions have been accumulated since day 1 over most of the patches, and I haven’t been able to play much the last week or so. I am not terribly far into the game yet, about 90 hours split across two saves, but here are some of my thoughts so far.

obligatory make prophecies unavoidable at story end suggestion.

When breeding I would like the cursor for the first creature chosen to remain in the same spot or at least on the same page. When doing lots of breeding and looking for new combinations through multiple pages of creatures, it is just tedious to keep having to scroll back to the point you left off on after you bred something to continue checking.

Can we have a breeding selection that just shows us the combinations the would result in new recipes/creatures discovered? I like finding new creatures and recipes, but the process of digging them out from pages of creatures in the breeding menu is more tedious than fun in my opinion.

Can we have a way to lock eggs to remove them from the hatching menu? I don’t want to introduce some creatures into the wild, but I don’t want to discard the eggs either.

Please make some way (besides having to look it up on the wiki) to search traits by certain keywords. There are a lot of traits in the game, and it can be tiresome to browse through the traits library to try to find that one trait that worked on “debuffs” that you kinda remember exists, but you don’t know what creature you need to get it. Your first party gets gradually grown with new creatures as you find them, but when you make an entire new party (if it isn’t a tribal party) it can be hard to find the traits you remember exist to fill it out. Having all traits you know with certain keywords easily displayed could make that a lot easier. Keywords like Critical, attack, intelligence, spells, buffs/debuffs, burning etc.

I mostly play with an xbox controller on the PC, and that has worked well for me so far. The D-Pad works perfectly, but I prefer to use the analog joystick instead. For movement the joystick works great, but for the menus it scrolls through the options way to fast. It would be nice if there were a limit placed on how fast it can move in menues and targeting in combat.

Sometimes you aren’t facing the buff orbs that drop after battle. When that happens it is kind of a pain to get them since you walk through them so easily. Please make them resist the first attempt to walk through them, so when I automatically try to change direction toward the shiny to pick it up it doesn’t just walk through it.

The game always maximizes to my center monitor regardless of which monitor it is on when I try to maximize it. It also maximizes when it is stretched beyond a certain point. These two things make it so I can’t have it full screen or near full screen on my second monitor.

It seems that what creature unlocks at each level is semi random. I would love to see an arena like interface that lets you “mold the world” to pick which creature is unlocked from a limited selection of 3-5 creatures. This would help you avoid creatures that shut down your strategy, while increasing your chance to find ones that you really want to add to your party. It would also provide more sense of control over the world. If this idea feels to intrusive, maybe make it every 5 levels you get the choice with the other 4 levels being as they are now.

I would also like to see an NPC that lets you ban 3-5 existing creatures from appearing in random encounters(leave them in for bosses and sigil bosses). For a lot of set ups there are a couple of creatures that hard counter them, It would allow for a wider array of viable party types if you could remove the couple of creatures that hard counter it instead of taking it as a loss if you see them or building your party in a more diluted manner just to have a chance when those few creatures pop up. By limiting the number of creatures you can ban, you still require minimum viability, but you can stop things that just wreck your set up (Diamond paragon, I’m lookin at you).

I would also like to see more themed levels while going through random realms. I would like to enter a realm and see a lot of ents and have 30%-60% of all enemies in that realm be ents, or all life creatures etc. The enemy selection just feels too random and makes the realms feel interchangeable besides the god you are gaining favor from and certain realm exclusive breakables. By making the realms heavily favor their aligned class when picking enemies and making the realm pick one type of enemy and spawning more of them, you can make each realm feel more thematic and let the player grind a specific enemy type if they want to. This would help keep the realms from blending into one another as you get into the end game. It would also make artifacts and abilities that target a specific class more viable as you can change them out for the realm you are heading too and know they will actually make a significant difference.

I am unclear on how shared stats from artifacts work. The Crystal Smith has “Your creatures have additional Defense equal to 50% of the defense bonus on this creature’s artifact” is that 50% of the defense amount that the crystal smith gains, or 50% of the % on the artifact is added to other creatures as though their artifact had that bonus?( creature 1 has 100 def, Crystal Smith has 500 def and an artifact with 20% def, does creature 1 have 110 def or 150 def?)

Sorry for the wall of text, I would love to hear your opinions on what I had to say.

Thanks for the suggestions!

About the egg locking thing: creatures aren’t unlocked that way in Siralim 3, so there’s no reason to hold on to eggs if you’re just trying to prevent creatures from being unlocked in the wild - you’ll see them eventually no matter what.

Haha, I guess I made a bad assumption. Good to know.