Some usability suggestions and gameplay/balance wishes

Usability suggestions:

  • Loading screen always sits at 20% for me making it seem like it has frozen
  • Battle history seems to print in reverse order with several cascading effects. E.g. Bloodmage’s Blood Clot always seems to print out the line before damage is taken
  • Show barrier size gained in battle history
  • Show damage negation reason in battle history, so I can understand why my creatures do zero damage. Champion nether affix, Aeolian god fight, Ream instability modifier, Shelled, Repel, etc.
  • Add a way to see hidden realm instability modifiers when in a realm without going into battle
  • Add an option to turn off all textboxes when interacting with realm objects
  • Add a way to easily summon the same creature multiple times when interacting with a candle
  • If a realm is too full, when selecting the candle’s “summon creatures” option, before picking a creature, say the realm is too full (instead of waiting until I browse to the correct creature)
  • Add clarity that fusion uses the sprite + race of 1st parent and palette + class of 2nd parent (maybe show race/class on preview screen when selecting the palette)
  • Add clarity that rerolling in arena is an option (I did ~10 runs before I accidentally rerolled and learned it was an option)
  • Show already drafted arena creatures somewhere during draft (maybe bottom of screen)
  • Speed up perk point assignment (for leveling a newly unlocked specialization, or re-leveling because I accidentally reset perks)
  • Speed up battle triggers/animations in some cases (see Triggers/Animations need to start accelerating after a certain number)

Gameplay/Balance wishes:

  • Add a minor refund for releasing creatures (partial essence + partial power spent on leveling, but make sure you can’t farm power via combat leveling)
  • Bump up realm creature limit to make it more likely you can use the candle 4 times in a row even with a few creatures still alive
  • Have some sort of card drop pity or an expensive way to force card drops or another very high level of knowledge that increases drop rates further (I’ve farmed over 1000 of a specific creature and it’s getting annoying, EDIT: Finally got it at 146900 knowledge, so however many kills that is minus a small amount of knowledge drops)
  • More realm instability control options
    – The ability to pay to exclude certain modifiers, e.g. if I have a death/rez strategy, I can’t risk realm instability due to the “no resurrections” modifier (or make it so that modifier is one resurrection limit instead of zero)
    – The ability to force certain modifiers, notably the “more nether creatures” one. I would like to always have that on or have some way of fighting more nether creatures in general
    – The ability to increase item multiplier even more. With 5 instability, the multiplier is usually around 200%, but one time I got 340% and I wish I could force that more often