Some way to halt nether's level progress a bit?

Probably giving nether no max level restriction is a good thing. But it has some minor drawbacks, like if you want to hold your teams level at least close to nethers’ level there is only one way now - leave it in stable for a bit.
Since when you breed your max or non-max level creatures with creatures from stables for greater heredity, stable creatures are obviously non-max level but considerably higher heredity.

Anyway, what i suggest:
give us some sort of item? (pill? some other stuff?) that once used, can halt nether’s exp/level progress, used again, can resume it - something like that. Idk maybe can be crafted from spare stuff like 1 book of wisdom + 1 upgrade pill. Since will be used more or less rarely, when your nether hits some level where you want rest of your team to be.
Otherwise it will always be considerably higher then the rest of your team. Maybe not a bad thing though.

I completely agree. There might not be any compelling reason to keep my teams’ levels similar, but irrationally it feels good not to have one creature dozens of levels ahead of the rest of the team.

Dozens? Try hundreds after a good breeding session.
Makes it pointless to lower your other creatures’ levels after you breed. You still have a massive nether that one-shots super high level enemy teams.

Tbh i really didnt understand why we removed chrysallis at all and made nether no-cap. I mean if there heredity is out there why nether should be only creature along with saia who stands out. Was a lil unexpected. But well ok, since we still have level caps for other creatures should we have some way to control nether. Since leaving it in the stable is not an option too - it will gain exp :stuck_out_tongue:

I vaguely remember in S2 exp system gave massive boosts to creatures experience while the creature is lower then your max team creature, so eventually they were all even level ±1 rolling back and forth. Here boosts are not so massive. My current team nether is 300 os so leveles ahead, what will be after breeding rest of team idk.

There IS a compelling reason why we need to be able to halt the leveling on the nether. per if he gets too far ahead of the group it may hurt our loot. Loot is based on the highest level creature, and it is impossible to not have the nether get ahead.

And you can’t breed a Nether, so there’s no way to lower it’s level.

I’d honestly prefer if the Nether creature were either based on the average of your party level, or your Mage level if the level cap is going to stay removed.