Sorting and display information

Here some suggestions improving the information in game:

  1. Bestiary (and summoning brazier) should be sortable by creature family. Especially for tribal teams you have to scan the names of (worst case) over 500 creatures to find all of them.

  2. Show trait effects when interacting with the Nether Goblet. Right now you have to
    a) look at the trait name,
    b) head over to the enchanter,
    c) talk to her and see if the name matches any Trait: X,
    d) take note of the material
    e) open material list and look up the material

  3. Show trait effect when enchanting (see above but start at c) )

  4. This is more a ‘nice to have’ to improve breeding: Add a number (or marker) how many creatures of a certain type you have currently summoned (stable and party).