Spawn Rate of Nemesis Creatures Affixes

Im not exactly sure if this is a Bug report or more a question.
I got the Prophecy Quest to win against a Misery Nemesis Creature. Since i got this i have done about 15 Realms depths starting at about 60 im now at 75 and about 10 Itherian Realm depths. Since I got that Quest ive been looking for the Misery Nemesis but have not found a single one yet (i found like 2 total before getting the quest, i think).
It seems theres some difference in the Spawn rate of the Nemesis Affixes.
Mostly i get the Horde, Feedback and Undying. in Realm depths 74 i first got to meet the Champion affix, twice. In Itherian Realms ive found a few Hearty (and some others i cant remember) from time to time but the Horde, Feedback and Undying definately Spawn the most for me.
Is this a bug or am i just really unlucky in finding the Misery ones?

idk maybe it depends on a realm type maybe on sigil prefix even - we dont have statistics. I also was thinking its somewhat rigged, cuz getting your usual run-of-the-mill plague or agile takes a bit long. 10+10 realms possibly. Or heartly or what. Though from all the nemesis only one is truly rare G*. Tbh now i find it easier just to reroll it till i get the god i need (or well at least the god thats semi-useful) and no nemesis :stuck_out_tongue: