Speed based team?

[quote=“Noroth, post:19, topic:3482”]Hey, just a question - how should I go about enchanting the artifact of the apis? Just defense?

I think that Grim aura is weaker than Darkness Fate: Your creatures have 7% more Speed for each non-temporary Nature Spell Gem each of your creatures have equipped. This trait does not stack

Also is the silence optional, since I don’t think that it’s optimal when you’re going first, just my opinion. Cheers![/quote]

I’ve got him setup with defense, always has protect, gains grace when hit and gives enemies weak when they hit him.

I don’t see a problem with using Darkness Fate. If you want to use all nature creatures/spell gems it would be way more speed.

This team almost always goes first and my Wasps usually massively overkill the enemy monsters in one shot. Silence is there just in case I run into a speed bump of some kind. I get a second round of attacks before the spells start flying.

EDIT: The team isn’t even complete yet and it’s still doing amazingly well. I’m still missing several legendary materials and heirlooms.