Speed Casters

So, I posted this on the Steam bug forums, as I honestly assumed it was a bug, but I want some other people’s opinions and experiences.

I have a Fallen Carnage +3 that is using the Gem of Necrosis, it has Casts Twice and costs max life instead of mana. I am a Nature mage, I saved all my Deity points to get Hybridization, and I have some points into Acrobatics. At level 34 he is doing around 1K each casting (So around 2K to the screen) unless they are resilient to Death attacks.

I’m curious if anyone else has found that Speed Casters are just super hyper powerful, or if it’s just me or what.

Yup, casters will destroy things.

Yeah it seems to be all casters, I have an Inox Apocalypse, using Gem of Planets, also casts twice, also does 1K per casting.

Worries me that, late-game only casters will be viable, didn’t the first one have the opposite problem? Where casting just kind of sucked late game?

Sort of. In S1, casting was good, but it was relegated to the non-damaging spells.
For instance - Mass Bloodlust was a killer spell. Snowstorm, Mind Tricks, etc.

Enemies simply gained too much health due to the scaling for the damaging spells to be worth it. Plus you were limited by spell charges as well as mana.

Ahhh ok, see I never got far in the first one, only level 70 or so. Cause my creatures were the suck, and I wasn’t smart enough to stable them and try a different set out. :slight_smile: