Speed up royalty point spending

Zack, could you change the way royalty points are spent in the way that one click will spent as many points as possible towards the next stat increase? For example if the next rank costs 25 points and you have more than that amount of points, 25 points will be spent and you gain that rank. If you have less, all points are spent towards the next rank.

I got a respec elixir but after drinking it I would have to click over 2000 times to spend my royalty points again.

Good idea! I don’t even know why I decided to make one click = one point. I’ll add this to my to-do list.

That’s great, thanks.

While we are on the topic, could you add an option to discard a whole stack of consumables? Slib is very picky about his diet :wink:


Just so you know, though, his “growth” is based on how much he eats, not what he eats.

Maybe true for yours, mine prefer to eat healthy :wink:

The suggestion was meant more for situations where Slib is on vacation and his little brother has to take over.