Spell gem (vacumn) not working

So long story short: I gave my monster the vacumn spell gem, I tried sucking up a few temporary traits, but despite being showned as acquired (temporarily) when I use inspect on it, the effects don’t activate. sounds like a bug to me…

edit: found a few that worked, but others still don’t…i.e. azure dream’s boss fight, crypt bat, one of the valkyries don’t work, but pandamonium queen’s trait does.

still going through the list: imp impington is also immune.

edit: lost count, let’s just say it occasionally doesn’t work.

Story boss traits don’t work for the player - everything else should, though.

ah ok…thank you. after some testing turns out the valk/crypt bat didn’t proc cause the enemies died before they had a proper chance to activate. sorry about this XD